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Fun Pure Romance | ID # RAL-149050

This custom Sensual address label has been designed just for you! Vistaprint is the perfect place to find Cream pure romance return address labels at unbeatable prices!

Return Address Labels

Return Address Label (2.66" x 0.83")

Starting at $8.00

Personalize your design by:
  • Changing or adding text
  • Uploading a photo or design
  • Choosing a back side that's right for you
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Finally, you have the ability to customize to exactly what you want with pure romance address labels from Vistaprint. Stick this Cream label with undertones onto all of your envelopes for a fun, personalized feel that everyone will love. If this isn’t the exact design you wanted, we have tons of other Cream Sensual mailing labels that match your style. Head over to the gallery and start creating yours, today!

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