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Recipe for Success: The 8 Components of a Brilliant Explainer Video

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This year, a staggering 62 percent of Internet users worldwide will view digital video content. Whether they’re watching via YouTube, Netflix, or Facebook, consumers are on the hunt for interesting and entertaining videos. That makes explainer videos a great addition to your marketing strategy.

Explainer videos are short videos that explain some aspect of your business. They can be used to tell your company story, describe your service offering, or demonstrate the benefits of your products. In addition to living on your website, they can be shared across social networks like Facebook and Twitter to become a powerful component of your social media marketing.

These videos have the potential to drive traffic to your business, and can also lead to sales. In a survey of both marketers and consumers conducted by a video production company, 83 percent of businesses said their home page explainer videos are effective. Close to three quarters of consumers who watched one went on to make a purchase.

To create an explainer video that showcases your business while appealing to your customers, follow these eight simple steps.

Define your goals

Before you start developing your video, be sure to outline your objectives. Is your primary goal to increase brand awareness, differentiate yourself from your competitors, or generate new business? Once you have your answer, compile a list of the main points you want to make — for example, that your catering service is a cut above the rest because your staff has a combined fifty years of experience working events. This will help you craft a video that meets your current marketing needs.

Consider your setting

In filmmaking, story setting is often as important as the characters themselves due to its influence on the scene. Not only does it set the tone and mood of your video, but it also puts your business in context to further demonstrate the nature of your services. For restaurant and shop owners the ideal setting is obvious, but the choice is easy for other kinds of businesses as well: just picture how and where your customers use your products. For added interest you can incorporate multiple settings, like this caterer chose to do.

Present a problem, and solve it

To communicate everything you want to say in just a handful of minutes, adopt a problem-solution format: state the problem your business is equipped to address, and the approach you’ll take to resolving it. Your mission is to intrigue potential customers, and demonstrating that you understand their needs is a great way to do it. A pest control company achieved this in its explainer video by revealing why mosquitos are such a problem for homeowners, its strategy for eliminating them, and the results customers can expect.

Incorporate animation

Many explainer videos feature some form of animation, primarily because it’s a visually enticing way to package your message. 3D animation, the use of motion graphics, and whiteboard animations are all popular choices. A snorkel rental company used the latter to introduce its pressure-regulated snorkels. The whiteboard animation shows viewers exactly how the product works and leaves them with a clear understanding of its advantages.

Include a customer review

On your website, customer reviews and testimonials serve to highlight the positive attributes of your business. They’re also a good fit for explainer videos. A plumbing and heating repair business based in the UK built video around a particularly favorable review. Bookended by footage of an actor describing the company’s services, that review became the centerpiece of a persuasive and memorable message.

Enhance your video with music

The addition of music can turn a humdrum explainer video into truly enjoyable content. Select a style of music that reflects your brand identity and contributes to the mood you want to convey: upbeat for a party planner, relaxed for a day spa. If your business is associated with a particular culture, like a French bakery or German deli, music can help you play up this unique characteristic.

Remember that short is sweet

The key to a good explainer video is to keep it succinct. You’ll find that most are 2 to 3 minutes in length, while others are even shorter. The idea is to pique the viewer’s interest. A shorter video is also more conducive to mobile and social media viewing, so aim for simplicity and speed.

Add a call to action

The best explainer videos are designed to incite a response, whether it’s placing a call to your business for more information or visiting your website. Including a call to action encourages viewers to take that next step. It leads them down the path to purchase when your company is still fresh in their minds, turning your explainer video into an invaluable marketing tool for your business.

Explainer videos are an interesting and engaging way to attract your customers and have them learn about your business. With the ever-growing demand for video content, it’s a manageable and productive way for small businesses to use this media without spending a lot of time or money. Try creating an explain video for your small business today!

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