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Hand out some rulers for good measure!

1 Starts at $5.00
  • Advertise on rulers and stretch your exposure
  • Customize with your name, logo, and contact information
  • It's easy: Order in minutes and receive in as few as 3 days
No minimum quantity. Order a little or a lot – whatever suits your needs – up to 480. Includes full-color printing with no back-end color or setup fees, plus the ability to create matching sets.
  Qty Price
Price / Unit
  1 $5.00   $5.00    
  2 $10.00   $5.00    
  3 $15.00   $5.00    
  4 $19.00   $4.75    
  5 $23.00   $4.60    
  10 $35.00   $3.50    
  24 $70.00   $2.92    
  48 $110.00   $2.29    
  96 $185.00   $1.93    
  144 $259.00   $1.80    
  240 $405.00   $1.69    
  360 $575.00   $1.60    
  480 $730.00   $1.52    

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Printable Area Size

2.67" x 0.78"
68 x 20 mm
802 x 235 pixels
Printable Area
Safe Margin
Printable Area Size
2.67" x 0.78"
68 x 20 mm
802 x 235 pixels
* Finished artwork should use the printable area dimensions for best results.
* Please be sure to keep all text within the safe margin.
300 DPI

Custom Promotional Products at Vistaprint

Extend your reach to new customers with custom rulers.

Expand your customer base and boost the awareness of your company with promotional rulers from Vistaprint. Whether you hand these rulers out to existing customers at their homes or to potential customers at an exposition, your company will grow inch-by-inch right before your eyes.

These promotional rulers are effective no matter what type of company you run. If you’re in charge of a carpentry or home improvement business, hand out custom rulers with your company name so your customers are reminded of the terrific work you did for them previously. Or, if you do fine detailed interior decorating, hand out promotional rulers along with your business cards to show them how your work measures up to expectations. If you do great work, your customers will take an inch to travel miles to support your business.