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Advertise with Vistaprint and Reach Millions of Customers!

There’s no better way to reach millions of small business customers than with the help of the leading online print and design solutions company, Vistaprint.
As we grow, you grow.
Advertising with Vistaprint allows your business to reach millions of new customers each year.

Your Success Starts Here

Vistaprint is proud to empower more than 9 million micro businesses and consumers annually. Our affordable, professional options can help your business make a lasting impression.

Micro business quick facts:

Typically employ between 1-10 staffed professionals
Operate with an annual marketing budget of $500
Often started at very low costs and on a part-time basis
Attract entrepreneurs who prefer making their own decisions, taking smart risks

In fact, it’s these businesses which represent Vistaprint’s core customers. By utilizing smart products to look even more professional in a competitive marketplace, Vistaprint can help give your business that extra boost.

What types of micro businesses use Vistaprint?

Locally run businesses
Businesses averaging about 60 customers
Small office/home office businesses (or SOHO businesses)
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The RingCentral toll free number and powerful phone and fax features it includes have been a highly valuable service for our online business. It enables us to competitively and cost effectively convey a professional image, and work virtually anywhere. Adding a RingCentral number to our Vistaprint business cards and other marketing material has been a great experience that we strongly recommend!"
-Brigitte & Scott Rouleau, Owners,
Winsted, CT

What You Should Know About Vistaprint’s Micro Business Customers

At the close of the first fiscal quarter ending September 30, 2010, Vistaprint had acquired approximately 1.6 million new customers. These acquisitions generally took place as newcomers emerged into the market. It’s during this time that advertisers were able to reach customers that it wouldn’t have otherwise.

What You Should Know About Micro Businesses

Are you aware that 92% of Vistaprint’s base is comprised of micro businesses? The following are some other noteworthy facts to consider.
63% run their business out their home
Roughly one third run multiple businesses
The total number of business owners has increased by 3% overall in 2010
The majority of our customers’ businesses have been established for 3+ years

Micro Business Quick Facts Graphs

The following graphs were developed as a result of a Vistaprint customer survey conducted by Vistaprint.

Current Channel importance - but what if they had more money or time?

There is a clear relationship between the size of each company and the number of hours spent marketing per week. Vistaprint micro businesses spend an average of eight hours marketing their business per week.
Vistaprint micro buinesses have a clear idea of which channel is most important to their business. It's no surprise to find that many strongly value physical direct marketing techniques such as postcard mailing.

AS seen from their typical marketing spend, many micro businesses are budget-constrained; they would utilize some traditionally expensive channels like physical direct marketing and TV/radio/newspaper ads more if they had larger budgets

Many report that they would utilize some channels (particularly online direct marketing and social media) more if they had the time; by positioning convenient offerings in these spaces, Vistaprint can take the lead.

Sources of Marketing Knowledge and Counsel

Importance of Marketing to their Business

Vistaprint's micro business customers believe that marketing is a major success factor for their business; over a quarter (27%) feel that it is the single most important success factor.
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Advertising That's Easy and Profitable

Get noticed where 8 million people shop every year!

Post-Transaction Pop

Once customer places an order, a “partner offer” appears in a separate window that can either be closed out of or clicked on to be carried to our partner site

Order Confirmation Banner

Customers may click on the offer and land on a splash page of the partnering site

Other Opportunities

Vistaprint can help you create a customized experience that makes the most sense for you and your business.

Helping Your Business Reach Far and Wide

Two effective ways you can advertise your business.

Catalog Inserts

Ads are printed on postcards and inserted into our catalog
Those postcards can then be sent to our most loyal customers

Direct Mail

Reach millions of customers by renting the Vistaprint Direct Mail List
Highly targeted lists available upon request