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Banner Stands Assembly Instructions

Parts Included
Getting Started
1. Open Part A and place all three legs flat on the ground.
2. Insert Part B firmly into the center hole of Part A.
3. Select the shorter size of Part C for small banners and the longer size of Part C for medium, large, and extra large banners.
4. Remove Part D from the ends of Part C.
Inserting Your Banner
5. Open Part C and slide the banner into the pivoted side as shown in the illustration above. Please note that the grooved side of Part C
    will be the back of your banner stand.
6. Press down firmly on Part C to lock the banner into place.
7. Reinsert Part D to the ends of Part C to secure the top of your banner.
8. To secure the bottom of your banner, repeat steps 5-7.
Hanging Your Banner
9. Align the center of the grooved side of Part C with the top clip of Part B.
10. Insert Part C on to the top clip of Part B at a 45 degree angle and snap into place.
11. Repeat Step 10 for the bottom of the banner.
12. Unscrew adjustable slider and raise your banner stand to the desired height.
Congratulations, your banner is now ready for display!