Standard Business Cards

Personalized cards with a professional look.
High-quality, durable card stock
Thousands of design options
Standard glossy or matte paper included
Premium upgrades available – learn more below
Eco-friendly, FSC-certified paper

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Paper Thickness
Premium plus
Paper stock
Recycled matte
Soft touch
Natural textured
Embossed Gloss
Foil Accent
Standard (3.5" x 2")
Square (2.5" x 2.5")
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

A great way to make a great impression.

Getting customers starts with getting noticed. With tons of options and a team of expert designers, we make it easy to create a look that’s hard to miss. Come up with your own custom text, choose an eye-catching finish and make an impression on anyone holding your card.

Choosing your finish
• Foil accent: Shiny, reflective foil that makes your card stand out in a crowd.
 Embossed gloss: A glossy, raised coating that makes text and visuals pop.

Choosing your corners
• Standard: The traditional look, with clean 90-degree corners.
• Rounded: Quarter-inch rounded corners create a memorable, modern look.

Your business is one of a kind. Now your business card can be, too.

With a fresh box of professional business cards comes confidence – the knowledge that you’re prepared for every opportunity that comes your way. Whether you’re making first impressions, rewarding regulars with a loyalty card or giving satisfied clients your contact info for next time, we’re here to help you look and feel ready to impress.

Papers & details – you’ve got options
To begin creating your card, select your preferred paper thickness (standard, premium or premium plus), paper stock (matte or glossy) and corner style (standard or rounded) from the options above.

As you design, we’ll offer you a wide range of personalization options – including paper stocks and finish options – that could work for your style, business and budget, such as:

  • Standard: matte, glossy, uncoated,foil accent
  • Premium: matte, glossy, uncoated, pearl, linen, natural textured, soft touch, foil accent, embossed gloss
  • Premium plus: matte, glossy

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you tell me more about the paper stock options for my custom business cards?
A: Definitely. Here’s a quick description of each. Just find the stock you want to learn more about:

Light-catching gloss that complements vivid designs.
Best for: Photography-based or vibrant designs
Not for: Designs that use less ink; white designs
Feels like: Slick front, silky back

Coated, smooth feel and easy readability.
Best for: Light-colored designs
Not for: Dark, vibrant colors
Feels like: Varnished front, silky back

Classic, uncoated option perfect for handwritten notes. 
Best for: Minimal text, simple design
Not for: Busy, large designs
Feels like: A note card

Gentle shimmer and a smooth, polished feel.
Best for: Lighter designs with pops of rich color
Not for: Mostly dark, saturated designs
Feels like: A smooth polish

Elegant, Italian cotton paper weave. 
Best for: Designs that use less ink
Not for: Heavy, all-over printing
Feels like: Lightly woven

90% post-consumer recycled brown paper.
Best for: Simple, rustic designs; black ink
Not for: Modern or color-heavy designs
Feels like: An extra-thick paper bag

Soft touch 
Smooth with a velvety matte coating.
Best for: Vibrant, colorful designs
Not for: Light designs, industrial style
Feels like: Soft fuzz, felt

Recycled matte
100% post-consumer recycled, uncoated paper.
Best for: Eco-friendly businesses
Not for: Predominantly dark designs
Feels like: A lightly textured note card

Natural textured
100% post-consumer recycled paper with natural, speckled texture.
Best for: Minimalistic, natural designs
Not for: Ink-heavy designs
Feels like: Slightly rippled felt

Q: I’m not sure how to create a design for my business cards online. How do I get started?
A: Don’t worry – we make it easy. First, choose your thickness, stock, corners and quantity After you click “Start designing,” you’ll be taken to a gallery of designs. If you already have a custom design you want to use, click on “Upload It” (you’ll see that in the very first tile you see in the gallery). If you want to create a new look, browse all the great options in the gallery. You can also request help from a design pro on our team.

Q: What’s the difference between standard shape business cards and rounded corners?
A: Our standard business cards offer a traditional look with clean 90-degree corners. Our rounded corners have quarter-inch rounded edges, creating a modern, memorable look.

Q: Do you offer different business card shapes? 
A: For sure. Besides rounded corners, we also offer square business cards

Q: Can you tell me more about the finish options that are available for custom business cards?
A: Our foil accent has a shiny, reflective foil that makes your card stand out. The embossed gloss offers a glossy, raised coating that makes text and visuals pop.

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