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I would like to compare the Vista x Wix prices, where should I go?

It is quick and easy to view the prices for your website. This article outlines the steps you should take.

Step 1 

Go to the Digital Marketing/Websites by Vista x Wix page in the navigation and scroll to the bottom of this tile. 



Step 2

On this tile, select "See premium plans" you will be taken to the pricing page.  premiumplans.png

Step 3

Here you can compare Vista x Wix Premium packages and prices, select Get Started for Free to continue. 


NOTE: This shows the overall prices for the different plans, not inclusive of any previous upgrades or purchases. For a more detailed summary, follow the steps below. 


Step 4

You will be asked to login to your Vista account or create an account with us, fill in your email address and password, then select Sign in.  

Once you have signed up for free, you will be able to create a site or upgrade your plan with one of the previously discovered packages following the steps as described on this page.



Step 5

If you don't have a Vista x Wix website, you'll be taken to the "Wix My Sites" page to create a site. 



Step 6

For users with multiple sites, you'll be taken to the My Digital Workspace. Select the site you wish to view the price for. 


  • If you select a Free website, you'll be taken to the order pipe-line to view the prices.
  • If you select a site on a premium plan, you'll be taken to the upgrade flow to view those prices.


If you are having issues with viewing the prices for a select site, contact us for help.