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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

NOTE: Search Engine Optimization features are only available with a Standard or Premium package.

To configure SEO for your pages:

  1. Click Page Settings from the navigation menu to bring up your list of pages
  2. Click the gear to next the page name to launch "Page Settings."
  3. At the top of Page Settings, click SEO,

Here you can set up and edit:

  • The page title

  • The page description

  • The page keywords

  • An Open-Graph Image - this is the image that shows when you share your page link on social media platforms.

  • Include page in search results (there will be a preview of the search result in Google)

Click Done once you have made your changes. Don't forget to Publish your site to make your changes live.

NOTE: it may take up to a few weeks before the changes become visible on search engines.

NOTE: You can also optimize your images for search engines by adding "alt text" and "title" attributes. Click here for more information.