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You can add a button to a custom block or an existing block by hovering, clicking the green plus sign. From the elements menu, select Buttons. Here, you can choose from a number of button styles, including PayPal



Button Formatting

Your button color comes from the theme's default color set. Click your button to launch the formatting toolbar. Select the round color palette button to add a custom color, or switch between default colors. 

You can also change the font, text size and text styling from the toolbar.


It is important to add a hyperlink to your buttons, otherwise visitors won't be able to click them. Click the hyperlink icon in the formatting toolbar and add your link. You can link to internal pages (other pages on your website), external websites, email addresses, phone numbers (for mobile visitors) or select PayPal Donation to create a PayPal button.


You can also apply additional formatting to your button, as with any block text.


PayPal Button

NOTE: Online Store features are only available with an Ecommerce package. More...

If you choose to create a PayPal button, you have the option of setting a default donation amount. This is the amount that will appear on the PayPal checkout page when a visitor clicks the published button.


Click Save Changes.

Go to Settings > Donations to enter your PayPal account information. If this information is not entered, donations cannot be submitted.

Provide your PayPal Merchant ID or Email address and your currency. You have the option of entering an organization name.



This is how your donate button will appear on your site: