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A hyperlink is a link that you can click on to get to another webpage or website.


You can create a hyperlink from text, buttons, or images. To create a hyperlink, hover on the block or placeholder image to show the toolbar and select the Edit Link button.


This will launch your link options.


You can choose from:

  • Internal (links to pages within your website)
  • External (a page on another site)
  • Email
  • Phone (create a clickable phone number link, great for use on smartphones)
  • Lightbox (image links only)
  • PayPal Donation (button links only)


Anchor Link

An anchor is a link that goes directly to a specific section of a webpage instead of defaulting to the top of the page. To add an anchor link to your navigation, follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit Block Settings in the block toolbar.
  2. Enter the Block Name.
  3. Click Show in Navigation.
  4. hyperlink_anchor.jpg