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Custom HTML

Custom HTML is a great way to add additional code to your site, like widgets, media players and other enhancements.

If you wish to add Google Analytics code, click here.

NOTE: It is recommended Custom HTML only be used if you are comfortable with coding and that you use code from trusted sources. Vista does not provide coding services to create or edit any custom HTML code.

To add custom HTML: 

Hover on your block and click the green plus sign to add an element.


Choose the HTML element from the Extras section of the pop-up.


Before you can add the element to your site, you'll see message informing you to make sure you only use code from trusted sources and that Vistaprint cannot guarantee support for custom code. Click I understand to begin customizing the element. 



Once you add the HTML element click the placeholder to launch the toolbar. 


Click the settings gear to add your code and click Update.


Once your code is added you won't be able to interact with it in build mode. To see how your code will behave on a published site, click Preview


To make additional adjustments, use the toolbar to change the width and alignment of how the code appears. You can also move, copy, or delete the HTML from your site with the toolbar.