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Adding content to your website

Sitebuilder uses "blocks" to add content to your site. Blocks are units that fill your website with elements like text, images, contact forms and more. Think of them as small, pre-designed layouts that help give your site an attractive, professional look.

To add blocks to your site, click Add Blocks and select a drawer (category). Once you find a block you like, drag and drop it onto your page.


To dismiss a block drawer, click the x in the upper-right.


Block Toolbar


Once your block is in place, you can begin customizing it. Hover on the block to see the toolbar. the block toolbar allows you to:

  • Edit Block Background
  • Add Columns
  • Add Rows
  • Adjust Padding
  • Duplicate Block
  • Edit Block Settings
  • Move Block Up
  • Move Block Down
  • Delete Block


Edit Block Background


Available block colors are based on the theme default, but you can also add an additional custom color. 


Add Column

Click the add column button in your block settings.


Click the highlighted area where you want to drop your new column.

Continue adding elements after you've created a new column. You can also hover on column borders to resize.

To delete columns, hover on the border and click the settings gear that appears at the top. Then click the trash icon.


Add Row

Click the add row button in your block settings.


Click the highlighted area where you want to add your new row.

NOTE: When adding elements, rows or columns, remember to preview your site to see how it will display on mobile devices. Elements that appear horizontally will stack vertically on mobile screens. The preview button is located at the bottom of the left sidebar menu.


Adjust Padding


Use adjust padding to define the amount of space between the start and end of your content in a block.


Duplicate Block


"Duplicate Block to" allows you to re-use the current on the same page on another page of your site.

Edit Block Settings


"Block name" is useful for creating anchored links to your page. Check Show In Navigation to have this block name appear in the main menu of your website, similar to how a page appears.


Move and Delete Block


Change the order of your blocks by clicking the up/down arrows.

Click the trash icon to delete the block.