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Column Settings

To customize a block column, hover on the upper left corner and click the gear to launch Column Settings.




To change the background for a column, click Background from the Settings menu. You have two options, Enable image and Enable color, that can be used separately or together. 


Enable imagecolumnbackground_enableimage.jpg

Click Change Image to launch image options and select a custom image to use as your background. You can choose from stock, previously uploaded images, or upload a new image. Your options for background style are: 

  • Cover (fill block)
  • Titled (repeat image)
  • Contain (fit image to block with no crop)

Enable color

Choose Enable color to apply a solid background color using the color picker. 

If Enable image is also applied, your color choice will apply as an overlay. Use the Transparency slider to show more or less solid color against your background image. 

For more on customizing backgrounds, click here.


Content Padding

Click Content Padding to adjust the amount of padding within your column. Padding is the amount of space between the column border and the content within the column.

Use the sliders to adjust the amount of padding you want on all sides.


Content Border

Under Content Border, click Enable Border to create a border around your column content, such as an image. You can set the color and thickness of your border under this setting.

Corner Radius creates a rounded corner for your column content.

Distance From Edge determines the distance of your content from the column edge on the top, right, bottom or left.



Content Alignment

Select Content Alignment to align your column content to the top, middle or bottom.



Move Column


To move a column elsewhere in your block, click Move Column from the Settings menu.

Choose a green drop point to move the column to.



Copy Column


To duplicate a column in your block, click Copy Column from the Setting menu and select a green drop point for your copy.