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Saving and publishing

As you're editing your site, your changes will save automatically in the builder. It is not necessary to click Publish in order to save changes unless you want those changes to go live. 

You may decide that you want to revert to a previous version of your site before certain changes were made. For example, you might want to save a version where you have a sale so you can quickly switch it on and off. 


To use Save History, click the save button in the upper-right near Preview. Here you’ll see all saved versions of your site.

  • "Currently Editing" will be displayed next to the version you’re working on in green.
  • Click Save a new version to create a new version. Type in a name and click Save.
  • Click Edit This Version to switch to a different version.

Changes on one version of your site will not be reflected in other versions.

If you have three versions and want to create another, you’ll need to delete one first by using the trashcan icon. Only three versions can be saved at a time.