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Sell gift cards online

You can use your Vistaprint website to sell gift cards online. In this article, we will show you how to use GiftUp to provide your customers with digital gift cards.

NOTE: Although Vistaprint is not affiliated with GiftUp, we recommend it for its zero monthly setup fees. You are free to use other gift card providers that offer an embed code that will work with your Vistaprint site. 

Setup your GiftUp account and create your embed code

First, set up your account at

1. Click Getting started in the upper-left corner to continue setup. 


2. Add your business details. This is your business name, type of business, location, etc.

3. Create a gift card. Here, you will decide on the name and value of the card.

4. Add a payment gateway. This is the checkout provider of your choice.


Once you select a payment gateway, you will be directed to their site to log in and connect to GiftUp. Once you confirm, you will be re-directed to GiftUp. If you don't already have an account with one of these providers, you can still choose one and signup, then return to GiftUp.

5. Get your checkout code. This is where you will generate an embed code to place on your Vistaprint website. Choose the Embed in your website option. 


6. Scroll to "Please select your website builder" and select All other websites.


7. This will take you to a page where you can grab the code for your website. Click Copy to clipboard beneath the embed code. 



Add the code to your Vistaprint website

1. Hover on an area or block on your website and click the green plus sign to Add Element.


2. From the Elements menu select the HTML element from the Extras section.


3. Before you can add the element to your site, you'll see message informing you to make sure you only use code from trusted sources and that Vistaprint cannot guarantee support for custom code. Click I understand to begin customizing the element. 


4. Once you add the HTML element click the placeholder to launch the toolbar and click the Settings cogwheel on the far left. This will expose the Embed Code menu.

5. Paste the code you copied from GiftUp into the Embed Code field and click Update.

NOTE: If you need to recover your embed code, on GiftUp go to Settings > Checkout installation code > Embed in your website and choose All other websites.


Click Update to save your embed code. Your gift card will look like this when published:


Click Publish.

TIP: if you want to provide your customers with a direct link to their gift cards (which can be used in email communications, for example) check out GiftUp's instructions here.