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Upload calendar event data

You can create calendar events in your Vistaprint Website without needing a Gmail address. Former customers of can take the following steps to upload their events from the former Webs Calendar app to the Vistaprint Website Builder Calendar element. These steps will assist you in easily uploading your calendar event data without any need to add each calendar event manually.


1. Retrieve your past data. 

A CSV file containing calendar event data is located on your Digital Dashboard under "Past Data." Click Download Now under "Calendar Events."


2. Log into or create a Google Calendar account

Since the calendar element is powered by Google Calendar, you will have to log into your Google account to upload your data. If you don't already have a Google account, open a new browser tab and follow these instructions for creating one with your existing non-Gmail address:

Now follow these steps to upload the CSV and populate the events:

3. Add Google Account information to the Sitebuilder

Double-click on the blank Calendar element on your website to open the calendar Settings.


Your Google Calendar ID is the email address associated with your calendar.

To continue adding events, go to your Google Calendar page. Whatever you enter will be automatically added to the calendar element on your website. 

NOTE: The Calendar element will only display calendar and events that are set as "public."

Click Save changes when you're done.