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How do I add a background color to my design?

Use Shapes to add a background color to a design you created from scratch using the design studio. 

  1. In the design studio, click Graphics from the left panel.
  2. Select the Shapes tab.
  3. Click the square shape and drag it to the top-left corner of your design.
  4. Click and drag the blue dots to expand the square shape to the edges of your design.
  5. Click Color from the toolbar to select a color for the square shape
    • Select one from the color palette
    • Select via eyedropper tool
    • Specify a custom color via the + button
  6. Click Arrange > Send To Back to move the square shape behind all elements of your design.

Note: To change the existing background color of a VistaPrint template or modify the overall look of your upload, use the Color option.