Help is here.

I'm having trouble using my promo code.

That's frustrating! We try to let you know why the code is not working in an error box but we know that may not be enough info. Take a look at some troubleshooting tips below and if that does not address your issue please contact us.

  • Check that you have entered the code correctly.
    If you see an error indicating, "The code you entered is invalid. Please verify the code and try again" the code may be mistyped. If you received your code via email, copy the entire code and paste into the code box as that should eliminate any typo errors.
  • Make sure you didn't put a space before, after or within the code.
    All codes are one string and do not include any spaces. If an extra space is entered at the beginning or end, our system will not recognize your code.

    If you are entering the code in manually, be aware that they are not case sensitive and may contain both numbers and letters. Verify that you are using the correct character(s) as zero and "O," five and "S," eight and "B," two and "Z" are often mistaken for one another.

  • Make sure that the code has not expired.
    Our codes are limited to specific date ranges. If you an error indicating, "The code you entered is no longer valid" that means that the promo is no longer available.

  • Review the code limitations.
    To ensure all conditions have been met for a special offer look over the details of the promotion. Some codes have minimum requirements, limitations to specific products, can only be used once or contain some other condition(s).

  • Remember that only one code can be used per order.
    VistaPrint is only able apply one code per transaction. If you have already successfully applied a code & then enter a different one that is not valid, we won't remove the previous code. An error message will be displayed and above the checkout  button we will display the error message "We kept your previous valid code for you".

Before you submit your order, be sure the final price is what you expected. If it isn't, contact us and we'll figure it out.