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How do I print an invoice for my digital subscription?

Please follow the steps below:

Recent invoices

  1. Access your Account.
  2. Go to Order History & Reorder.
  3. Your subscription payment, will match an order in your order history with an order number that starts with DIGI_.
  4. You can check the date on the order to identify the payment that you would like to download the invoice for.
  5. Click on Order Details.
  6. Click Download your Tax Documents.

Older invoices (Older invoices, may not be available through the steps above.)

  1. Access your Account
  2. Go to My Subscription.

  3. Select the subscription you would like to download an invoice for.

  4. Click Manage.

  5. Go to Billing History and click View all.

  6. Click on Invoice for the desired invoice. Each month or year, will have its own invoice listed.

  7. You can right-click on the page and select Print to get a copy of your invoice, or you can take a screenshot.

If you can not locate your digital subscription this way, you may have a subscription that is billed by Wix. You can follow the steps in this article, to download and print your invoice.