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I am a tax exempt customer and/or a reseller. How do I collect a refund for the taxes I paid?

1. For sales taxes incurred on orders placed before the approval of your exemption status, refund requests would have to go through your appropriate tax office. More state-specific information below.

2. Vista can assist you in approving and registering your tax-exempt status on your Vista account. See steps a, b, and c below for how to do this.

Once a Tax-exempt reseller/customer qualifies for an exemption, all future purchases from the date of successful registration will benefit from registered tax-exempt conditions.

A. To qualify for exemption, a tax-exempt/reseller customer will need to provide VistaPrint customer service proof of tax-exempt status. (e.g. exemption certificate or equivalent proof of exempt status).

Our headquarters address must be added to all tax forms where a Vendor/Seller's Address is required. This address is 275 Wyman Street Waltham, Massachusetts 02451. The form must be signed and dated (within the last year).

B. Please email [email protected] the following information:

  • Email Address on the account the purchases are made from.
  • Tax Exemption Documentation - this must be an un-editable copy of the tax exemption certificate. If the certificate is editable, a new request must be submitted.
  • Information about which entity (Vistaprint Netherlands BV or Vistaprint Corporate Solution) the purchases are made from. You can obtain this information from your confirmation emails.

C. Once the tax-exempt documentation has been approved, you are not required to submit it again for subsequent orders until the documentation expires. Sales tax exemptions will be added to our account based on the expiration date on your exemption documentation. If your documentation does not include an expiration date, your account will be updated to be exempt for one year.

Please refer to your applicable state's guidance on sales tax rules and policies below: