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Do you offer a mailing list template for Mac?

Currently, no. But you can convert your Numbers file to an Excel-compatible file format and then copy your addresses to our template. 


You can access the template on the Marketing Materials > Postcard Mailing Services page :

  1. Select the Mailing List Template tab.
  2. Click Download Template.
    • Note: the file is named Vista_ListTemplate.xlsx but you can change that when you save it.

Convert a Numbers file to an Excel-compatible file format:

  1. Open your mailing list in Numbers.
  2. Click File > Export to > Excel.
  3. Select the Excel tab in the Export your Spreadsheet window.
  4. Expand the Advanced Options.
  5. Select.xlsx from the Format drop-down.
    • If that option isn’t available, select.xls.
  6. Save the converted file to your computer.


Copy your converted address list to our template in Excel:

  1. Download our template in Excel.
  2. Populate our template with your address list.