Help is here.

Can you help me populate my mailing list?

Of course. Here are some tips and tricks from the experts:

Getting Started

  • Use our mailing list template in Excel.
    • Mailing list column headings must match what is on our template or the list will be “unreadable.”
    • Copy and paste your mailing list info into our template one column at a time.
  • If you use your own mailing list, copy and paste the headings from our template into your mailing list file and rearrange your info to match the columns.
  • Each address list should have no more than 20,000 addresses (line entries) per order. You can upload multiple lists.

Populating the Mailing List

  • If a field is marked Required, it must contain text. If a required field is empty, the address is considered broken and you will get an error.
  • Each field is limited to 33 characters.

Address Fields

  • Addresses must be broken into separate cells, as they are on the template with at least the following information provided for each:
    • Last Name
    • Address Line 1
    • Zip Code
  • Address Line 2 must include text:
    • Acceptable: Apt. 2
    • Unacceptable: #2
  • If an address is too long (more than 33 characters):
    • Use abbreviations for Street, Drive, Boulevard, etc.
    • Check the address on Google Maps. Sometimes Google suggests an alternate address that's shorter.

ZIP Codes

  • If a ZIP code starts with a zero (0) you must set the field to be a ZIP or ZIP+4 field (or else the 0 will be removed by Excel).
    • Right-click the cell and select Format Cell. The Format Cells window appears.
    • Select the Number tab and select Special from the Category list.
    • Select Zip Code or Zip Code + 4 from the Type field.
    • Click OK.
  • All numbers of the ZIP code must be in one cell.
  • ZIP codes that include the +4ZIP code should include a dash (or hyphen). Do not have spaces around the dash. Example: 90210-680

We want you to love using our postcard mailing services. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call and we’ll help you out.