Help is here.

Can you help me populate my mailing list?

Of course. Here are some tips and tricks from the experts:

Getting Started

Use our mailing list template located on the Marketing Materials > Postcard Mailing Services page:

  • Select the Mailing List Template tab.
  • Click Download Template.
    • Note: the file is named Vista_MailingListTemplate.xlsx but you can change that when you save it.
  • Mailing list column headings must match what is on our template, or the list will be “unreadable.”
  • If you use your own mailing list, copy and paste the headings from our template into your mailing list file and rearrange your info to match the columns.

Populating the Mailing List

  • All fields must contain text, except for “Recipient” and “Company.” You can fill out both of these fields, but filling out one of them is enough.
  • Each field is limited to 33 characters.

Address Fields

  • Addresses must be broken into separate cells, as they are on the template, with at least the following information provided for each:
    • Recipient Name and/or Company
    • Address, including street number, name, and apartment/unit numbers where applicable
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
  • If an address is too long (more than 33 characters):
    • Use abbreviations for Street, Drive, Boulevard, etc.
    • Check the address on Google Maps. Sometimes Google suggests an alternate address that's shorter.

ZIP Codes

  • ZIP codes starting with a zero (0) will appear to be missing the first zero (0), however they will still work when uploaded to the Vistaprint website
    • If a ZIP code starts with a zero (0) you may set the field to be a ZIP or ZIP+4 field if you would like the first zero (0) to appear on the document. If not, the first 0 will be removed by Excel. 
      • Right-click the cell and select Format Cell. The Format Cells window appears.
      • Select the Number tab and select Special from the Category list.
      • Select Zip Code or Zip Code + 4 from the Type field.
      • Click OK.
  • All numbers of the ZIP code must be in one cell.
  • ZIP codes that include the +4ZIP code should include a dash (or hyphen). Do not have spaces around the dash. For example: 90210-6801

We want you to love using our postcard mailing services. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call, and we’ll help you out.