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How do I set up a postcard mailing?

Here’s how it works:
  1. Design your postcard with your marketing message.
    • On the backside of your postcard be sure to avoid the non-printable area reserved for USPS.
    • Text and images that appear in the USPS area will not be printed.
  2. Upload your mailing list.
    • Everyone on the list will be sent your postcard.
    • Max list size is 20,000 addresses.
  3. Have VistaPrint mail your postcard for you.
    • You can add your own address to the list so you will also receive the postcard. (Your address does not count against the 20,000 limit.)
    • Select the delivery speed.
    • Schedule a delivery timeframe.
    • Indicate if you want to forward, discard or return undeliverable postcards.

Access our postcard mailing services page in order to start designing your postcard.