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Absolutely Guaranteed.

Every time. Any reason. Or we'll make it right

Here's how it works

Tell your designers whether you need them to edit your design or duplicate it.
Within 24 hours, your designers will notify you about your updated design.
Now you can apply your refreshed design to the appropriate product.

Here's what our professional designers can do

Graphic design services by Vistaprint
Design re-creation  
Already have a logo or full design you like? Send a photo or scan - we'll duplicate it.
Logo design services by Vistaprint
Text, logo, background-edits  
We can change a name, color or background and tweak fonts and sizes.
Design template modifications by Vistaprint
Template modifications  
After you choose a template, we can alter the illustration or layout.
Image repair & design services by Vistaprint
Image repair  
We can increase the resolution of logos, and touch up or add effects to photos.