Get a Custom Domain Name

Know your domain name options

Whether you have a small business, nonprofit, or a personal website, we have the right options to get your online presence up and running.

Create a custom domain

Creating a custom domain name for your business is a great way to help customers find you, and make your web presence more professional.

A free custom domain name is included with both our Standard and Premium website packages, as well as our Website Design Services option. However you build your Vistaprint Digital website, it’s easy to get the custom URL that’s perfect for your business.

Use your own domain

Already purchased a domain elsewhere but want to build your online presence with Vistaprint Digital? We’ve got you covered.

In just a few simple steps, you can point your existing custom domain name to your new website. Your customers can still find you at the same URL, they’ll just see a brand new website when they get there! And if you get stuck along the way our support team is ready to help.

Why get a custom domain name?

Think of the difference between a standard domain name that comes from your web host and a custom domain name of your choosing as the difference between your business’s coordinates and your street address. An address is logical and easy to remember, and it says something about your location at first glance!


It’s key for your site to feel legitimate and secure - especially if you plan to have an online store. A custom domain gives you a more professional look.

Search engine ranking

A custom domain is a cue to search engines that your site is serious. It also helps them credit links to you more easily, which raises your rank.


Not only does a custom domain name look great on a business card, our domains also come with professional business email addresses!

Brand recognition

Every time a customer interacts with your brand, they should have a consistent experience. Including typing or telling a friend your URL!


Return customers are the most valuable, so make it easier for them to visit you again by having a domain name that’s easy to recall.

Proactive protection

As you achieve success, a competitor might purchase the name of your business as a domain. Be proactive and register it yourself!

Find the right domain name extension for your website

When doing a domain name search, bear in mind that domain name extensions have different meanings. While there are no hard and fast rules to say which types of sites can use which extensions, it’s generally understood that .com suggests commercial use, .org suggests a nonprofit or group, .net refers to a network, .info suggests a credible resource site, .biz is a less common variation of .com, and extensions like or .ca are for specific locales like the United Kingdom or Canada.

Tips for choosing a domain name:

Keep it short

Don’t tire your visitors out with typing by the time they get to your site!

Use your keywords

Be search engine-friendly and use the words people would search to find your site

Make it logical

Creativity is great, but don’t make a puzzle out of your website’s URL

Be unique

If someone else has the domain you want, don’t just add a number or change .com to .net

Make it memorable

Your domain should be easy to recall, or for your customers to tell their friends about!

Keep it local

Adding your city or state to your business name helps you stand out on Google

Say it out loud

People don’t just type URLs, they also read them. Give it a try and see how it sounds!

Choose the right extension

Extensions carry meaning, so choose wisely between .com, .net, and .org (see below!)

Need a website for your professional domain?

Finally, there’s a truly simple way to get a website you’ll be proud of.

Start with designer templates made for your industry, then easily add and arrange beautiful content blocks like menus, calendars, and photo galleries.

Customize colors and fonts everywhere with a single click for a professional site that matches your brand.

Vistaprint customers can even pull logos and images from past orders to create a cohesive look!

  • Easy-to-learn ‘building blocks’ tool
  • Logos & images from past print orders
  • Instant, automatic mobile website
  • Designer color sets & font pairings
  • Pre-made blocks that save time
  • Free custom domain with Standard or Premium website packages

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