The Vistaprint Better Calendar Weeks 13 – 16: How to make an impact in print (and in person)

Vistaprint Better Calendar: Weeks 13-16

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Today’s world may be increasingly digital, but nothing quite matches the impact of a well-crafted, physical reminder of your business in the hands of new or prospective customers. That’s why print marketing is still one of the most relevant and effective ways to grow and nurture your client base.

Whether you’re leaving brochures in local cafes, handing out flyers on your local main street or meeting people face-to-face at an event, having a solid suite of printed materials will ensure you’re well placed to make the most of marketing opportunities that come your way.

If you followed our last set of exercises around brand-building, or if you’ve already spent some time defining your brand, then you’re in a good place to create or update your printed materials to ensure they represent your business in the right way. But it’s not just how they look, feel and sound, but how you use them that counts.

Here are some helpful tips, resources and exercises to help you put your printed materials to work.

Week 13 – The power of the postcard

When used right, postcards can be an incredibly effective way to win new customers and keep existing ones coming back – or even better, referring you to friends and family. They’re also a great way to make a statement or encourage customers to write reviews or follow you on social media (which we’ll be covering in more depth next month). We’ve put together a list of tactical ways you can use postcards to generate both new and repeat business. As you read through, jot down ideas of how postcards could work to your benefit.

12 ways to use postcards for marketing

Week 14 – Say more with a brochure

Sometimes your message needs room to breathe. This is when it’s worth bringing brochures into the mix. Brochures are a fantastic opportunity to balance your product offering with a little extra insight into your brand like who you are and what you stand for. Whether it’s a background to why your business came to be or an expression of the values you hold important – such as customer service, attention to detail or using environmentally friendly products – brochures give you the space to create more of a story around your business and bring your brand voice to life.

Quick tips to make a great brochure

Week 15 – Put the word on the street

With milder weather comes the chance embrace the elements – and new prospective customers – by getting out and about in your local community. And if you’re armed with the right printed materials to hand out in person or post up in prominent places, you’ll be in a stronger position to make the most of street marketing opportunities. We put together some practical tips and tactics to help you in your efforts – from perfecting your pitch to staying legal!

7 street marketing tactics to drive more business

Week 16 – Design tips for outdoor events

In our recent branding exercises, we touched on choosing the right event for your business and preparing to represent your brand with confidence and consistency. We’ve now got some expert tips to share, from our own in-house designers, on how to create the perfect ensemble of printed materials – including banners and posters – to maximize your presence at outdoor events.

Expert design tips for outdoor events

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