8 DIY ideas to make your holiday marketing stand out

As a small business owner, you know that making connections with customers is important any time of the year. Thankfully, a busy holiday season presents more opportunities to communicate with customers through their increased orders.

While it’s important to capitalize on these extra touch points, if you just continue to use the same techniques every year, those special details will no longer stick out. You don’t have to do anything big or high-cost – even the smallest details make all the difference.

And in 2020, it feels more important than ever to make your customers feel extra-special. It's been a challenging year for everyone, so take the time to make your holiday marketing shine...without breaking your budget.

Your ultimate DIY marketing guide for 2020

  1. Use holiday-edition retail tags to refresh merchandise
  2. Use business cards as referral cards
  3. Offer digital gift cards
  4. Add stickers to packaging for an on-brand touch
  5. Package in-store orders with branded paper bags or reusable totes
  6. Offer local gift delivery and easy in-store pickup
  7. Step up your social media game with a giveaway

1Refresh merchandise with holiday-ready retail tags

Whether pinned to a sweatshirt or tied around a jar of jam, customized retail tags are an easy way to add branded holiday flair to almost any item. Order a special batch for the holiday season (maybe something with a little shimmer) and even encourage your customers to use the backside as a “To/From” gift tag.

Hang tags

Use with a festive ribbon or piece of twine to tie your holiday look together.

2Add style to shipped orders with custom return labels and packing tape

If you’re mailing orders to customers, coordinate your packaging with the rest of your marketing materials. Add your logo to the return label and packing tape so even the shipping box or mailing envelope feels special. Plus, since all you have to do is peel and stick, pre-designed mailing labels make it easier than ever to get holiday orders out on time.

Custom return labels

Add a branded finish to shipped orders - just peel & stick!

3Use business cards as referral cards

Business cards can be used for so much more than, well, business cards. You can also use business cards as referral tools. Create word-of-mouth marketing by placing a business card with a special refer-a-friend perk in each order. Whether you offer free shipping or a discount on their next purchase, you’re creating a thoughtful connection with your customer. Don’t forget to show your appreciation for their loyalty by thanking them for their business as well.

4Offer digital gift cards

Another great (safe!) option for 2020 gifting is a digital gift card. Let customers purchase them over the phone or online, then send a downloadable version to the recipient.

5Use stickers to spruce up packaging

Place your logo or a unique design onto stickers and make sure they go on everything you send out during the holidays. Great packaging can make a difference, especially in the age of Instagram unboxings! Use sticker singles, too, to add a little bit of novelty to every order…and let your customers spread the word about your business.

Custom sticker singles

A sticker adds a little something special to every order.

6Package in-store orders with branded bags

When branded with your logo, shopping bags are an easy way to spread the word about your business - let your customers do the heavy lifting! Start with a batch of plain paper bags, then customize them with logoed stickers or a personalized stamp.


Reward your best holiday shoppers with a special tote bag. They'll use it again and again, and this kind of specialty swag will make them feel extra appreciated

7Offer local gift delivery and easy in-store pickup

This year, we've seen a surge in contactless deliveries and pickups. Continue offering these services throughout the holiday season so customers can feel safe while supporting your business. Assign pickup time slots, or designate a pickup zone outside of your brick-and-mortar shop or studio, or offer fast delivery in your area.

And if you've ever wanted to play Santa, this is the year to do it! Offer local doorstep drop-offs of wrapped, ready-to-gift items.


Spread the word about these safe services with posts on your social channels or as a P.S. on your next postcard mailing.

8Step up your social media game with a giveaway

Get customers excited about the holidays (and your small business) with a giveaway. Run the giveaway on your favorite social channel - you'll likely gain new followers and engage your existing ones.

Create a social media post that asks customers to enter. Require them to follow your account and tag a friend (or two!) in the comments. This will increase your visibility in a super low-cost way, whether you decide to give away a branded face mask, store gift card, or another piece of your merchandise.

Social Design Studio

Design a post to promote your small business on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

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