Face Shields

Cover your entire face comfortably.

Vistaprint is proud to offer a new product for these unprecedented times.

Our 8.75" x 11" face shields provide an additional barrier that securely covers your forehead and chin. They are made from durable plastic (Lexan™ 8010 polycarbonate film) which offers excellent clarity and a high-glass surface finish.

These face shields are roomy enough to fit any masks or eyewear comfortably under them – all without blocking your vision. And with an adjustable, elastic head strap and cushioned foam bar, they’re designed to provide a comfortable, secure fit throughout your day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these face shields acceptable for use in a medical setting? Can healthcare professionals use them as protection against COVID-19?

These face shields are designed for personal use in non-medical settings. While they may provide some benefit to health care providers and the general public, they are not FDA or Health Canada regulated products or personal protective equipment (PPE). These face shields are not intended for any use related to: antimicrobial or antiviral protection, infection prevention or reduction or radiation protection.

Am I able to wear anything under this face shield?

Yes, a face mask and eyewear fit under the face shield without disrupting your vision.

Am I able to re-use this face shield?

We recommend using this face shield only once. After use or any contamination, please discard.

Do your safety face shields come in custom sizes or colors?

No. We currently only offer one size (8.75" x 13") and one color (clear plastic).

Do these face shields come pre-assembled?

Yes – they come equipped with a foam band and elastic headband.

Note: These face shields are not FDA or Health Canada regulated products or personal protective equipment (PPE). They should not be used in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. The following materials will contact your body: the elastic strap (polyethylene terephthalate with fiber finish) and foam bar (polyurethane foam).