5 ways to keep your business trustworthy & credible

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Your business is great, but do your customers know that? Staying credible in a fast-paced world may seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of ways to look trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. From sharing your awards and certifications to displaying positive reviews loud and proud, here are a few tips to keep your business looking professional and staying memorable.

1. Be Personal

It may seem obvious to say that communication is key in your business. But sometimes, it’s easy to forget. Make sure to train your staff fully so they’re knowledgeable about all the products in your store. Being able to give advice and suggestions about what to buy can help customers feel truly important. Your staff should also know the history of your business so they can share it with your customers. Is this your first store? How long have you been open? What made you start this business? Being personal about your beginnings gives them the view that this is more than ‘just another business’. Don’t have a storefront? You can still be personal by including the history of your business on your website and being active in responding to your customers.

2. Excite with Ratings & Reviews

Go ahead and show off a bit. Customer ratings and reviews are things people look at more and more before deciding to buy. So, display what customers are saying about you for all to see. Put ratings on products on your website or place customer reviews strategically around your store on signs and posters. More importantly, be sure to stay connected online. Customers are more likely to voice their excitement, and their frustrations, online. Stay in touch and respond to comments, both good and bad, to keep the overall view of your store positive.

3. Keep in Touch

As previously mentioned, staying in touch with customers online is super important in the digital age. Create a social media presence for your business and build a following. This will give you the opportunity to remind customers about sales and new products. Keep this idea in mind with your printed products as well. Send out postcards and flyers to give special discounts and to communicate information. Overall, your customers will feel included and part of the business when you take the extra step.

4. Get Certified

There are plenty of opportunities to extend your personal knowledge of your industry. From taking local classes to getting certified in a special skill, these will boost your standing in customers’ eyes. Already have a degree or certification? Display it in your store for all to see or include it on your business cards. It’s okay to brag about your skills.

5. Share Your Knowledge

After learning to do all the amazing things you’re doing, pay it forward. Own an arts and crafts store? Hold a workshop to create something fun and easy. Have a restaurant? Host a cooking class for the community. Whatever your skills, offering to teach them to your customers will get them spreading the word about your store.

Let’s be honest, owning a small business is a lot of work. But, you love what you do so it’s worth it. At the end of the day, staying trustworthy to your growing customer base is simply about being honest, being consistent, and sharing the love of what you do. In turn, your customers will share that love right back by being your biggest advocates.

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