Making the Most of Your Marketing Materials

Make a Point

Your printed materials only have a second to grab your reader’s attention. Make sure you address what your reader is likely thinking: “What’s in it for me?” If you have recently opened up a new store, rolled out a new product, or are having a sale or event in the near future, postcards and flyers are the perfect way to get the message out.

Include a Call to Action – With a Deadline

Deadlines and limited-time offers increase the likelihood that customers will act. A weekend sale can be a great way to generate revenue, provided it’s properly marketed. Offers such as “Bring this postcard in by August 1st and receive 5% off your purchase” will give customers an incentive to get into your store.

Show, Don’t Tell

Rather than simply telling customers what products or services you offer, you should describe how your company can improve their lives. For example, if you’re a catering company, instead of saying “We cater parties up to 100 guests”, try a more emotional appeal like “You have enough on your hands already – let us take care of the food.” Appealing to a party planner’s sense of being overwhelmed is a great way to illustrate the value of your service.

Use Eye-Catchers

Make sure your marketing materials don’t get tossed away with the junk mail. Use bright, eye-catching, and relevant photographs, preferably of your products or services in use. In addition, short-form testimonials from satisfied customers are a great way to create trust – brochures have plenty of room to include information like this. Readers tend to trust real customer testimonials much more than purely promotional copy.

Tell People How to Find You

When creating your marketing materials, don’t forget to let your readers know how to reach you. If you have a storefront, consider adding your address and a map showing how to find you. Prominently display your business’s webpage, as that is how most people find information these days. It’s also a good idea to include your social media handles (like Facebook and Instagram) in case readers have questions or want to research your business further.

Be sure to include these five elements when designing your next set of marketing materials – you’re far more likely to make an impact and achieve the results you’re looking for.

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