Micro Main Street:
Celebrating the Impact of Small Businesses

Starting a small business takes big dreams, big ideas and big risks. But the size of the business doesn’t matter as much as the size of its impact. We’re proud to help small business owners look their best, so they can do their best. We’re here to celebrate small businesses that serve the needs of individual communities by giving them their very own main street.

Join us at PrideFest St. Louis 2019

Visit Micro Main Street by Vistaprint on Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30, at Soldiers’ Memorial Park on Market Street between N. 15th St. & N. Tucker St.
For directions and event information, visit pridestl.org/pridefest

Spotlighting Small Businesses That Serve
The Needs of the LGBTQ+ Community

Bella Books

Linda Hill | Tallahassee, FL

Bella Books is a leading publisher of stories that capture the complexity and honor the struggles, hopes and dreams of women who love women.


Megan & Meagan | Saint Peters, MO

HelloPride makes playful baby onesies that give all families the opportunity to be represented and celebrate their love.

Carla Sue Greeting Cards & Gifts

Carla Lyles | Houston, TX

Carla Sue handcrafts witty, sassy and beautiful greeting cards with messages of empowerment, positive representation and self-care.