Holidays are a Crucial Time for Business-Owning Moms

Even though they feel the high pressure of the holidays on their business, business-owning moms are equally focused on making work/life balance a priority with their family, as well. This is according to a new Vistaprint survey of 500 American moms who run their own businesses.

That may explain why moms plan for the event a full two months in advance and will shell out $317 for holiday-themed decor, marketing, and window displays, on average.

“The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, but it can be difficult finding a balance between work responsibilities and enjoying time with family,” says Vistaprint North America Director Erin Shea. “As they play a pivotal role in driving growth for their business, entrepreneurial moms in the U.S. can face difficult trade-offs when it comes to their children and families during the holidays.”

When asked how they plan to make the holiday season a success, the most common answer was to work longer hours.

While extra income earned from the holiday season is key for business, most of these moms are burning the midnight oil for their families. Only 17 percent of entrepreneurial moms say their business gets most of their focus during the holiday season. Most either put family first (44 percent) or give equal attention to both (37 percent).

“Entrepreneurial moms are often trying to do it all, and that is a lot of pressure to take on at such a busy time of year,” continued Shea. “We want to recognize all of the love, care and hard work that they put into making the season successful, both personally and professionally.”

Having a successful holiday season while making time for family requires a tough balancing act, so how do these moms achieve it?

A little planning can go a long way, it turns out, as 43 percent adapt their schedule/working hours to spend more time with family. This was followed by scheduling time to spend with family (41 percent) and involving them in running the business (22 percent).

In addition to this study, the Vistaprint team created a video expressing our continued admiration of business-owning moms, especially during the holidays.

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