Holiday Guide: Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

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There’s no busier time for moms than the holiday season. End-of-the-year deadlines approach, event hosting needs planning, and holiday gifts need buying. Thankfully, a full plate of tasks doesn’t mean gift buying has to be relinquished to waiting in long lines or making generic gift choices.

Just as business propels forward with fresh new ideas, so does gift giving - whether it be for family, friends, employees, or colleagues. Showing how much you care during the holidays can be fun and easy with unique twists on gifting. Better yet, it doesn’t have to take your time away from all of the other items on your to do list.

Get ready to personalize your way through a productive gift planning season with these high-quality Christmas gift ideas. Soon you will be checking off your to do list with holiday cheer!

Popular this holiday season:

Personalize a seasonal favorite with a custom-made fleece blanket

Help your loved ones feel the warmth of the season with a custom fleece blanket featuring a photo of one of their favorite people or memories. A full-color throw blanket is practical yet personal, and brings to mind all of the comfort and coziness of the holidays. Too many special memories to narrow it down to just one? Create a collage of them all with our easy-to-use collage templates.

Inspire a friend or colleague with a magical mug

If you’re looking for a way to keep the go-getters in your life motivated, try designing a magical mug. When hot liquid is poured into the glossy black ceramic mug, your personalized favorite quote or inspirational message will suddenly appear. You can’t beat this fun and poignant way to start someone’s morning off right. You can even add your company logo to the messaging as an expression of team spirit for your colleagues.

Recap your favorite memories of the year with a photobook

Although your phone may be filled with pictures of the family and friends you spend the most time with, how often do those photos make it off of your phone and into an actual keepsake? It’s as easy as choosing a few photos from each of your best memories of the year with the people dear to you. Then create a photobook for both yourself and your loved ones that will allow you all to take a walk down memory lane. With easy-to-use templates, you can quickly create a personalized memory book that your friends didn’t think they had time to create throughout the year.

Unique Gift Ideas:

Wall calendars: The gift that keeps on giving all year

For the people in your life who appreciate beautiful aesthetics, surprise them with a wall calendar that provides a different design of beauty each month. Calendars don’t have to be made up of just photos of your children. Let your creativity fly by finding aesthetically pleasing designs or photos of favorite landscapes to add beauty along with practicality to any office or kitchen. With three different sizes to choose from, you have the ability to create wall calendars directly from your phone via an easy mobile experience. Enjoy the process of customizing a calendar to fit the style of your favorite people’s homes.

Personalize a child’s space with art made from canvas prints

Children create such wonderful pieces of art, but it can be difficult to find display methods other than taping them to the refrigerator. Consider how proud your children will feel if their artwork was displayed on the walls of your home like fine art (minus the fine art price tag!). Take photos of your children’s artwork and easily create canvas prints that are three dimensional and of a high quality that will outlive the original pieces. There are five sizes to choose from and built-in hangers that will make displaying the art as simple as your process of creating it.

Surprise your family with coordinated T-shirts to accompany the gift of a special experience

Gifting an experience for the family such as a museum membership or upcoming theme park visit is always a big hit. It can be difficult though to match the presentation of the gift with the level of excitement that fits the experience. Think about how fun the actual gifting will be if your family opens up a package or gift containing coordinated T-shirts. You can personalize them with your family name and a logo or character related to the experience. Not only does this make the presentation of your holiday gift even more unique, it also sets the scene for entertaining photo opportunities as well!

Stocking Stuffers:

Stuff the stockings with a practical yet personalized gift with a custom phone case

Available in multiple sizes, you can help your friends and family protect their phones (no matter what the model). Design a case with a meaningful design or quote to match even the most unique of personalities. If you’d like to customize the case with a favorite photo, the image will be vibrant and eye-catching. It will also offer the protection phones need to stand up to hectic family life and an on-the-go lifestyle. For a fun twist and with a low price point, try something new by creating an entire set of phone cases. You can design seasonal themes for each set that can be interchanged throughout the year!

Create themed sets of coasters that can be used time and time again

Available in sets of four, have fun creating batches of coasters that can be mixed to create a personalized accent for any home or office. Photos gift ideas are always a hit! Enjoy thinking out of the box by using map designs that celebrate the country, state, or town where your family members live. For the sports lovers, design sets of coasters that reflect the logos of all of their favorite teams. For the adventurers, customize coaster sets that call to mind visited places or display a word in foreign languages spoken in favorite destinations. You might have so much fun creating these stocking stuffers that you could decide to reward yourself with a gift set of coasters as well!

Give the gift of self-expression with personalized stationery sets

Relish the process of finding a design or photo that conveys the spirit of your favorite people. Then create a set of everything they might need to express themselves in a personalized way. You can apply the same design to pens, note cards, return address labels, envelopes, sticky notes, notebooks, letterhead and more. This level of variety and personalization makes for a thoughtful Christmas gift idea that will be practical, fun, and attention-getting!

There are so many quick and easy ways to provide unique and personalized gifts for everyone on your shopping list. You might even decide that you deserve a custom gift of your own! Either way, let your creativity fly, and enjoy this productive and personalized holiday shopping approach. Busy moms know that being short on time doesn't have to mean being short on making the most of the holiday season and showing you care.

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