Makers Market: International women-owned businesses

International Women’s Day is March 8 – and we’re celebrating all month long with our Makers Market. We’re thrilled to share a curated selection of products sourced from 30 women-owned small businesses around the world. Browse through this collection of apparel, beauty products, home decor and more, meet the women behind these brands and visit their websites to shop all of their creations.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Unique and colorful drawings, paintings, illustrations and prints inspired by nature from HOLALUPI.

Featured items:

  • Chairs
  • Blue Vases

Vanessa Lupi

Owner & Artist

“Having my own business and being able to be an artist is important because it makes me feel that I have space and time to show that I can create incredible things despite all the work involved in being a housewife, woman and mother.”

Cecile’s Bath & Body

New York, New York, United States

Cecile’s Bath & Body is a maker of unique bathing luxuries and skin nutrition, always ‘Made by hand, with care.’

Featured items:

  • Detoxifying Charcoal Soap
  • Shea Butter Whips

Jackie Granchamps


“Like many women, self-doubt is something I’ve worked on overcoming. A woman that continues to influence me to overcome that is my Aunt Cecile—so much that I named my company after her! She exemplified self-confidence and determination, and encouraged me to celebrate my unique talents as I brought this business to life.”


Barcelona, Spain

Living Lagut! Bags and women’s clothing handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

Featured items:

  • Kimono Animal Print
  • Linen Bag

Daniela Vilagut

Founder & Designer

“A couple of years ago I quit my job to dedicate myself 100% to Lagut—it wasn’t an easy decision because I was leaving behind a stable job to embark on something uncertain, where everything would depend on me. At the time, I was only doing bags, but I decided to incorporate clothes into the brand to cover more products, and it’s been great.”


Oakland, California, United States

SCOTCHBONNET! handmade accessories are known for vibrant hues, bold shapes and eye-catching patterns.

Featured items:

  • Hourglass Earrings – Passion Fruit
  • Roundabout Earrings – Salt Water

Tracey-Renee Hubbard

Founder & Creative Director

“International Women’s Day is about celebrating the talent of and contributions from women across the globe. As a female business owner I am inspired by women who slay in the business world with grit, grace and authenticity; women like Bozoma Saint John, Myleik Teele and Shellye Archambeau.”

Swell Candle Co

San Diego, California, United States

Swell Candle Co is a handmade and eco-friendly luxury candle and home fragrance company.

Featured items:

  • Lilac + Mimosa with Quartz Crystals
  • Yuzu Blossom + Hinoki

Linda Scott


“Being a female business owner poses many unique challenges, such as securing access to funding, defying social expectations and balancing work and family life.”


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Unique and colorful drawings, paintings, illustrations and prints inspired by nature from HOLALUPI.

Featured items:

  • Chairs
  • Blue Vases

Vanessa Lupi

Owner & Artist

“Having my own business and being able to be an artist is important because it makes me feel that I have space and time to show that I can create incredible things despite all the work involved in being a housewife, woman and mother.”

Paint House

San Francisco, California, United States

Paint House creates beauty with meaning through hand-painted watercolor art.

Featured items:

  • Greeting card set – Greens
  • Gift cards

Neha Subramanian

Founder & Artist

“I believe the power of choice is the greatest type of power, which is especially important for women. Women can do anything but we need to make sure to not compare ourselves to the choices made by others. There’s no one type of woman, there’s no one type of person—you do what’s right for you, and that goes for personal and business life!”

Umbrella Collection

Madrid, Spain

Umbrella Collection designs and manufactures high-quality, customizable products, made from real cowhide and hand-crafted by hand in Spain.

Featured items:

  • Blossom Rectangular Keychain
  • Saltpeter Card Holder

Samanta Montaner Jiménez


“Being a young woman in the world of business is not easy—a lot of times, I feel like people don’t take me seriously. I have a very clear vision of my professional future, although I am aware that I have get there one step at a time.”


Putot-en-Bessin, Normandy, France

Burstea is a French tea house that specializes in unique tasting experiences.

Featured items:

  • Bancha Green Tea
  • Island Rooibos Infusion

Melodie Grand


“I admire all strong women who testify in order to defend their rights, even when they are in a complicated political situation—for example, the Pakistani women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai.”

The Yukon Soaps Company

Mayo, Yukon, Canada

The Yukon Soaps Company creates natural soaps and wellness products that honor Indigenous ways of knowing and being, using plants harvested from the boreal forest and supporting our community.

Featured items:

  • Essential Oil Blends
  • Indigenous Artist Soaps

Joella Hogan


“Being an Indigenous woman entrepreneur in a small community has incredible challenges—from barriers to entering the wellness market to supply chain issues. But I always had a dream of a side hustle that aligned with my values and combined my love of science with my passion to connect with my culture and desire to learn about traditional healing.”


Madrid, Spain

Flabelus is a magical world where classic literary characters bring 21st-century slippers to life. That’s why we say that Flabelus is ‘a slipper brand with heart.’

Featured items:

  • Wendy Slipper
  • Elinor Slipper

Beatriz de los Mozos

CEO & Founder

“Because I decided to follow my heart, even though I saw myself as young and inexperienced, I trusted that I could create this brand from scratch, and that I could do it because I am a woman.”

Happy Day Design Co.

Orlando, Florida, United States

Happy Day Design Co. is an Orlando-based design studio and shop that aims to use creativity to inspire joy and empowerment.

Featured items:

  • Have a Happy Day Rainbow Suncatcher
  • Totebag

Jennifer Slogar


“I continually work to overcome imposter syndrome. There’s always going to be someone who sells more products than I do, or who has more followers than I do, but I’ve learned to be at peace with that. At the end of the day, I strive to be authentic in who I am, and hope that the pure love for what I do shines through to my customers.”

Catherine Davis Designs

Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I’m Catherine Davis, a Yorkshire-based pattern designer, illustrator and author. I help businesses sell their products by creating commercial, trend-led designs and illustrations.

Featured items:

  • Bespoke, Personalised Home (house) Digital Illustration
  • Citrus Grove Mug

Catherine Davis

Designer & Founder

“I LOVE running my own business! I’ve connected with lots of other women in business over the years and their advice and support has been invaluable. My biggest challenge at the moment is juggling my business and home-schooling my children…but one thing I think women can do and do well is adapt to changes quickly.”

My Shade & Texture

Tampa, Florida, United States

A beauty retail experience for Naturalistas.

Featured items:

  • Shade Babe Travel Bag
  • Shade Babe Curated Collection

Pam Thompson


“I am inspired every single day by other Black women who fight to reclaim the beauty supply industry. As the number one consumer in the beauty industry, we face many obstacles to attain ownership. There are so many who opened doors for me, and I’m grateful to do the same for those behind me.”

KYRIA Creations

Lyon, France

KYRIA Creations is a French brand of timeless jewelry designed for all of life’s moments.

Featured items:

  • Gold or Silver Heart Necklace
  • Stainless Steel Gold Mesh Necklace and Bracelet with Freshwater Pearls



“If sometimes it may seem complicated to imagine yourself as a woman business owner, you should not hesitate to take the initiative and start your own business. Like anyone else, every woman is capable of undertaking and achieving beautiful things.”

Dreamland Clothing

Dundee, Scotland

Welcome to Dreamland—the home of fun and colorful prints for everyone and anyone.

Featured items:

  • Adult Jumpsuit – Planet Dreamland
  • Kids Jumpsuit – Dimensions

Miss Ruby Coyne


“I am so proud to be a woman-owned business with 8 labels under my brand. International Women’s Day is a great moment to celebrate and recognize all the women out there doing their own thing, their own way! Times are changing and I couldn’t be happier to have a small, independently-run label not following any rules or trends…just having fun.”

Low Key Design Canada

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Handmade custom accessories for your best friend.

Featured items:

  • “Call My Muggles” Tag
  • “Go Camping” Tag

Melissa Drieman and Kinsey Winger


“When we first started our business we ran into several challenges. Suppliers didn’t take us seriously as young women, but over the past 3 years, we have overcome those challenges and developed positive relationships. The best part of being an owner of a small local business is the opportunity to use our platform to support other women-owned businesses. We are so inspired by our community!”


London, England

Some things really put a smile on our face: fresh orange slices on a hot summer day; the first blush pink blossom of spring; the scent of ripened strawberries. Capturing these moments in homeware and lifestyle pieces is our passion project.

Featured items:

  • Strawberry Me in Petal Flat Lay Coaster
  • Signature Citrus Tiered Jewelry Dish



“An unexpected outcome of running my own business has been the network of women I’ve built around me—other female business owners and creatives who are ever-inspiring and supportive. I feel very lucky for it.”

Indie & Harper

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Indie and Harper is an online jewelry store. We work closely with inspiring artisans located all around the world who help us design and create all of our beautiful jewelry.

Featured items:

  • Amethyst Tear Drop and Copper Ring
  • Navajo Half Twist Turquoise Ring

Cathy Bethune

Owner & Founder

“The biggest struggle was creating and operating a new business with two young children. Indie and Harper is named after my first two children!”

Studio 404 Paper

Celebration, Florida, United States

Studio 404 Paper is a boutique stationery shop focused on creating stories with paper.

Featured items:

  • Bloom Where You Are Planted Print
  • Cherry Blossom Botanical Notecard

Angelica Yarde


“I am always inspired by Nicole Walters and her journey as an entrepreneur and mother. Her positivity is infectious and she doesn’t shy away from what it means to truly dedicate your time to your business.”

Det Gyldne Blad

Birkerød, Denmark

Det Gyldne Blad is a Danish art universe of whimsical inventions, illustrations and hand-sewn dolls.

Featured items:

  • Love My Dog and Coat – Postcard
  • Mr. Red Robin in his Home – Illustration

Cathy Bethune

Artist & Owner

“International Women’s Day is one day of the year that I always observe. I think about all the women who stepped up and fought for their cause, both before my time and during my lifetime. I have always been most inspired by women. I can relate to them.”

Lace Brick Design

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lace Brick Design is an adventure lifestyle brand for women.

Featured items:

  • Peak+Pine+Pacific Crew
  • Turquoise Fishtail Necklace

Jackie Chemelli


“Women are highly under-represented in the adventure lifestyle realm, and we’ve filled this niche by blending locally-designed, quality goods with the messages adventure-loving women want to share with the world. Our goods and brand empower passionate, brave and kind women!”

What Tess Makes

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What Tess Makes is an online store of handmade paper art, fabric creations and bespoke gifts. It celebrates the special people in our lives and inspires to connect through simple joys and gestures.

Featured items:

  • Gratitude Journal Gift Set
  • Jeepney Card (Wonder Woman)

Tess Angala


“My creative life has been a steady backdrop to my role as wife and mother. The past 25 years I experienced being employed, unemployed, and now, self-employed. It is not easy running a business on my own…it’s led me to wear so many hats. My mother inspires me to be a strong, independent woman—let’s dedicate this day to those women who have paved the way for us.”

Loki & Co

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Loki & Co. gives every household the access to eco-friendly and quality linen products without the hefty price tag.

Featured items:

  • Mustard Pure Linen Duvet Set
  • Oat Pure Linen Sheet Set

Jasmine Faapito


“International Women’s Day, to me, is a colorful space to celebrate women in all phases of life and from all different backgrounds. Women set a high standard for themselves to be able to juggle everything, and we forget to be present and appreciate what we’ve already accomplished—a daily struggle I’ve had to remind myself of constantly.”


Egestorf, Germany

We are a small manufacturer of delicacies made with hand-picked ingredients from the most beautiful region of Germany—the Lüneburger Heide. We have made it our mission to lovingly craft local products for our customers.

Featured items:

  • Appelsaft – Apple Juice
  • Spritzerle – Elderflower Syrup

Julia Unger-Heitmann

Founder & Owner

“I’m happy that I’m able to decide things for myself! It’s still a big challenge to stand your ground as a woman—and I like that challenge. My philosophy is “just do it.” If I haven’t tried it, I can only speculate about results.”


Clermont-Ferrand, France

WawaWools allows you to create custom decorative items for any occasion from wool and eucalyptus.

Featured items:

  • Animal/Knitting Shape
  • Photo Holder / Vegetable Collage with Personalized Inscription

Laura Victor

Creator & Director

“I’ve always wanted to create my own business, but it’s far from simple—it’s a daily challenge to manage my life as a woman and my life as a mother. Mathilde Lacombe, founder of the brand Aime, has been a real role model for me in this matter for several years.”

Ecobeech Products

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Luxurious native Australian botanical skincare brand specializing in three-step skincare and travel packs.

Featured items:

  • Nourish Skin Treatment Collection
  • Rejuvenate Daily Skincare Collection

Nicole Crotty


“The biggest hurdle when we started was to stay focused—all we had was passion and belief in ourselves and our product. We had to learn everything as we went, all while working long hours in our day jobs. It took commitment and dedication even when it was overwhelming and frustrating. Ours is still a dream in the making, but we believe we will get there.”


Frankfurt, Germany

With my company MooriSew, I sell self-sewn products. Customer wishes are particularly important to me, and I mainly produce on request. That way, I’m creating unique products according to the wishes of my customers.

Featured items:

  • Pouches
  • Custom Laptop Bags

Michelle Rohloff


“The Finnish female politicians Sanna Marin, Li Andersson and Maria Ohisalo inspire me. It shows that a government doesn’t have to be dominated by men only, and that women are just as qualified.”

The Lettering Studio

Markham, Ontario, Canada

The Lettering Studio provides calligraphy services and hand lettered personalized gifts to celebrate life’s occasions.

Featured items:

  • Wood Easter Basket Tags
  • Garden Markers

Barbara Kua


“There’s a misconception that handmade businesses, typically run by women, are fun hobbies to earn supplemental income. Running my own small business has lifted the ceiling on my earning potential, something I would not have been able to achieve in my former corporate job.”

Emmy Boo

Catania, Italy

Emmy Boo is a brand of Bags, Accessories and Clothing with an essentially minimal and contemporary concept style, luxurious, with a Mediterranean breath. All our products are strictly Made in Italy and made with fine fabrics and Tuscan leathers of the highest quality.

Featured items:

  • Bloom Top – Color: Caviar
  • Mama Bag – Color: Bounganville

Claudia Evelina Antichi

CEO & Founder

“International Women’s Day is a constant reminder to me. Years of struggles and demands have allowed me, and all the women in the world, to regain possession of the respect and freedom that for a long time have been denied to us. Being an entrepreneur means just that for me.”

Augustine Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Augustine Amsterdam was born out of a desire to create the perfect fitting bathing suit in a responsible way. That implies slow fashion, with a sustainable production process, using 100% recycled yarns.
Photo credit: Debbie Trouerbach

Featured items:

  • Wood Easter Basket Tags
  • Garden Markers

Barbara Kua


“There’s a misconception that handmade businesses, typically run by women, are fun hobbies to earn supplemental income. Running my own small business has lifted the ceiling on my earning potential, something I would not have been able to achieve in my former corporate job.”

Shop Create & Cultivate

Los Angeles, California, United States

Thoughtfully-crafted essentials for the womxn who does it all. Created for work. Cultivated for joy.

Featured items:

  • The Jaclyn Bag
  • On The Move Bangle Wallet

Jaclyn Johnson

Founder & CEO

“At C&C we celebrate womxn making moves in their career every day of the year…beyond just International Women’s Day. As a womxn-owned small business we not only know what other womxn-owned businesses are going through, but we’re here to help them and prove that collaboration over competition is the best way to level-up your business.”


Chicago, Illinois, United States

Aïya Candle Co. is a luxury candle company that aims to craft an authentic experience reminding us of our own vulnerability and need to self-anchor.

Featured items:

  • Faïrouze Candle
  • Faïrouze Double Set

Hayet Rida


“When I was starting this brand, I wanted it to be more than just a product—a full experience that was built on not only my vision, but a strong team of Black women. In every production I chose to hire 100% Black women. Every product is the labor of our own vulnerability and trust in ourselves.”

Studio Tweelink

Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Studio Tweelink is a design studio founded by twin sisters Tineke and Marieke, who combine their totally opposite creative powers to design interiors and products with a twist.

Featured items:

  • The Float Chandelier

Tineke and Marieke Willems

Design Duo

“It feels like it is the most normal thing in the world today: you have to be successful at work, as the mother of your children, in your relationship, in your social life. Newsflash: you can only maintain that if you have a real passion for what you do. Because it is anything but easy to build a business as a woman.”