11 creative ways to get noticed with signs and posters.

It’s no secret that a great sign attracts attention – and customers. But what’s the best strategy for sharing your unique message? Here are some helpful hints.


Send a big message, indoors or out. Hang them or stand them – at tradeshows, grand openings, sporting events and more. With banners, the sky’s the limit.

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“I designed this banner…and use it every week at the market. It's heavy enough for my purposes, the grommets are well fixed and strong, and it looks fantastic week after week.”

Lea Anne


Think vertical.

Consider displaying banners upright in a stand. Perfect for tradeshows, storefronts and more.

Cut out the clutter.

Opt for a simple, eye-catching design and choose one or two fonts that are easy to read.

Show community spirit.

Say “Go Team!” by displaying your logo on banners that support local 5Ks or high school events.

Durable, waterproof vinyl.

Choose from two strengths of durable, fade-resistant vinyl to display with metal grommets, vertical stands or adhesive hangers.

10-oz. vinyl is perfect for indoor events.

15-oz. vinyl is tough enough to withstand the elements.


Posters provide immediate visibility so you can advertise events at a moment’s notice. Promote your brand, services and products on booths, walls and windows.

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“I bought these posters to use at a home exposition. They made my company stand out and brought an amazing amount of traffic to our table! We were able to pick up a large amount of clients.”



Go big.

Keeping in mind that people are visual learners, create a high-impact look for your business with an oversized poster.

Get ready for your close-up.

If you use a photograph, make it high resolution so it shows up clearly in a large size.

Less is more.

Resist the temptation to fill every space with words. You can still send a strong message with minimal text.

The right stock makes a difference.

Premium glossy
Thicker than matte, with glossy finish for richer colors and crisper, sharper images. Luxurious look and feel.

Lightweight, yet durable, with smooth, rich texture. Great for black and white and detail-oriented posters.


Posted on a sidewalk, yard or wall, a well-placed, durable sign attracts attention to sales and events or guides the way for customers and guests.

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“We bought these to advertise our services for our log home company. We placed them in our customers' yards and even after a year they still look good. We were pleased with the price as well.”

Happy Girl


Lead the way.

Use directional signs to guide customers and guests. Perfect for special events, open houses and more.

Create a testimonial.

A yard sign that reads, “Happy customer of…” with your business name and logo is great marketing.

Use signs of all kinds.

The best sign strategy will use a combination of products to reach more people in more places.


Stick and re-stick your message in the shop or on the go.


Offer regular incentives.

Change window decals often so customers return to look for new offers.
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Never stop networking.

Put business cards under your car magnet for passersby to take when you’re parked.
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Visit the Owner Nation blog for more tips and advice from experts and business owners like you.

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Want more?

Visit the Owner Nation blog for more tips and advice from experts and business owners like you.

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