Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Business Card?
An Online Business Card is just what it sounds like. It’s a business card that people can view online. We’ll create a page dedicated to your business where you can feature details that you’d like to share with the public. Plus, it includes our Online Guide to help you grow your web presence and get listed on Google, Facebook, and more!
How will people find my Online Business Card?
You can share your Online Business Card with all of your contacts through Facebook and Twitter. We also recommend adding your Online Business Card link to your printed business cards to make sure your contacts have a way to learn more about your business.
If you’d like your Online Business Card to show up in search engines like Google, you can easily add our Local Search service to make sure your business gets listed in search results.
What’s the difference between an Online Business Card and a Website?
An Online Business Card is a place where you can direct your customers to so they can learn more about your business. With a website, you’ll get more design flexibility, additional pages and more exposure in search results. Test out a website to see if it’s right for you. Get a 1-month FREE website trial now.
What information can I add to my Online Business Card?
You can enter all of your contact information as well as a company description, the products and services you offer, your business hours and even share buttons and links to your social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. If you’d also like to add more pages, feature your products with image galleries, get more customization features or even sell online, a website would be perfect for you! Get a 1-month FREE website trial now.
Will my Online Business Card have a web address?
Yes! We’ll create a generic web address to get you started, but you will be able to customize it with an address that suits your business better.
Will I ever have to pay for this product?
Absolutely not. Your Online Business Profile is completely FREE forever! We offer this product so all small businesses can receive the benefits of having an online presence.
Can I customize my Online Business Card or get a design to match my brand?
Yes. You can choose a design that matches your marketing materials from Vistaprint or you can design your own. You can also add a photo as well as all of your company information.
Can I add Social Media buttons to my Online Business Card?
Yes. Your page will have Facebook, Twitter and other share buttons so visitors can spread the word about your business. It’s also a great way to connect with new and existing customers!
Will I be able to tell if people are seeing it?
Yes. We provide an activity chart so you can see the number of times your Online Business Card has been viewed.