Specialty Shape Roll Labels

Give your events and sales a memorable look.
 Available in starburst, oval burst or anniversary seals
• 8 label stocks, including gold and silver foil paper
• Stickers conveniently rolled on a 3" diameter core
• Quantities from 100 to 25,000

Looking for a more traditional roll label? See our options.

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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Brand merchandise, promote events and sales, label folders and much more.

Whether you’re celebrating your business’s anniversary or creating goodie bags for your event, roll labels are the easy and affordable way to deliver a big impact. With 10-color digital printing and a strong (but low residue) adhesive, they’re sure to stand out – and stick around. Select from a wide range of shapes, stocks and finishes to create a custom look that represents your business. Plus, you can order quantities as low as 100, so you can minimize waste and try new designs whenever you like.

Label stock and lamination options

White paper:
• Vistaprint’s traditional label paper  
• Long-lasting permanent adhesive
• 10-color digital printing
• Best for indoor use
• Great for branding merchandise and office materials 
• Available with matte or gloss lamination

White or clear BOPP:
• Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) is a water-resistant plastic film
• Long-lasting permanent adhesive
• Water and tear resistant 
• 10-color digital printing
• Best for indoor use
• Great for labeling products exposed to oil, lubricants or cold temperatures
• Available with matte or gloss lamination

White vinyl:
• Waterproof and weatherproof
• Our most durable, long-lasting label stock
• 10-color digital printing
• Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
• Great for labeling products exposed to water or the elements
• Available with matte or gloss lamination

Gold and silver foil paper:
• Our most eye-catching, reflective label stock
• Durable and tear-resistant
• 10-color digital printing
• Best for indoor use
• Available with matte or gloss lamination
• Note: avoid using designs that match the foil color too closely

Front-facing adhesive:
• Adheres on the inside of a transparent surface
• No need to worry about weather or wear
• Indoor use only
• 10-color digital printing
• Great for storefronts, dealerships, auto shops and more 
• Available with gloss lamination

• Matte gives your labels a smooth, glare-free finish.
• Gloss is an eye-catching finish that's shiny and reflective.
• Note: clear BOPP with matte lamination produces a sophisticated, frosted look. Clear BOPP with a gloss lamination produces a fully transparent look.

Design tips 
• Think about the shape of the image you’re using.
• Use larger fonts and a small amount of text to increase readability.
• Focus on a single, eye-catching element like a logo or promotion.

More sticker suggestions
• For the best results, apply to a clean and smooth surface. 
• Customize labels for products (of all shapes), bottles, packaging, event materials and more.
• Use them with matching paper bags to add a special offer or announcement.

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