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This Amsterdam-based artist creates striking silhouettes that live in surreal worlds with characters that are rhythmic and bold.

The Birds: pride


The Birds: b&w


The Birds: classic


Parra profi

Parra, based in Amsterdam, is best known for his curved post-Pop imagery, highly saturated colors, vibrant hand-drawn letters and worlds inhabited by hybrid, surreal characters. Celebrated by galleries and championed by an underground following, he has quickly become a respected and eclectic artist worldwide. Working across drawing, painting, animation and sculpture, Parra creates an enigmatic and instantly recognizable style that defies easy categorization.

The largely self-taught artist began his career drawing flyers and posters for music venues in Amsterdam in the 1990s. His signature hand-drawn approach to illustration and design led to ongoing collaborations with Nike, most recently, designing the uniforms for the first Olympic Skateboard teams for USA, France and Brazil. Parra’s paintings, drawings and sculptures have been exhibited in galleries across Europe, Japan and North America. He also co-founded the apparel and homeware label 'by Parra' and has numerous music projects with groups Mich and Le Le.

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