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Get your business story out to more customers.
  • Increase your visibility among people searching online.
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  • Gain publicity by attracting local journalists and bloggers.

$50 off your first release

You write a story about your business. We send it all over the Web to get your name everywhere people look. You can get great visibility, big publicity, and lots of new customers.


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Why PRWeb?
Because the customers you need – those right around the corner – are searching for a business just like yours online. This is a great way to get your business head and shoulders above all of the competition out there.
How does PRWeb make me more visible?
First: Each release you send helps you climb up search engines. With PRWeb, getting to the top of page one in your industry is a realistic goal – and it can bring you big-time gains.Second: Each release you send goes directly to thousands of the right people. We’ll send your news to 30,000 journalists and bloggers, 250,000 PRWeb subscribers, and to major news sites like Yahoo! News. And, once you’ve published your release, it will live on forever – that’s right, forever.
How is it going to attract local customers?
Picture this search: “Pizza in (your local town or city).” That’s how customers, prospect and journalists search – they localize it so they get useful results. You need to get found in local searches– and PRWeb can help.We make it easy for customers to find you, your news, and information about your latest and greatest product or service. Whether they find you on a search engine or in a local news story – they won’t have to look far.
Will it get me in the news?
It can! Journalists look online – and more specifically, on search engines – everyday for story ideas and for quotable experts. You can get quoted or featured fast – they just have to be able to find you.Here’s a scenario: You’ve been publishing PRWeb release’s on your latest sales, promotions or products. A local journalist or blogger is writing an article on your industry, and searches online for an expert. You’re that expert – and because you used PRWeb, the journalist or blogger finds you first and puts you in their story. Now you’ve won coverage – coverage that local customers can see.
How will it help me with search engines?
When people use search engines, they type in a set of keywords that reflect what they’re looking for. You choose which keywords you want to be found with, and include those prominently in your PRWeb news release. The search engine then knows to connect those users with your story.You can also include links to your business website in your news release. Search engines count these links, and use them to rank your website more highly on their pages of search results. If you’re new to search engines and need help optimizing your news release content, we have free guides and training, as well as a service that optimizes your release for you.