Custom Tablecloths

Excel at events with a complete, professional look.
High-quality polyester, with dye sublimation printing 
Machine-washable and reusable 
3 sizes to choose from – for 4', 6' or 8' long tables
3-sided option available, great for storage or chair room
For an alternative, check out custom table runners

Let us help you with your design

Table size
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Perfect for trade shows, event booths and any type of product display. 

Connecting with customers isn’t always easy – especially in a crowd. Our tablecloths instantly give your display a finished, professional look that draws people in. In seconds, you can completely transform your event setup. So, make your logo big and bold, show off your company colors and customize as much as you’d like.
Top tablecloth tips
• Keep in mind that the front of your tablecloth will be the most visible to customers – in our studio, the front will be the bottom-center of the designable area
• Use high-resolution photos and images, since these are large products
• Match your background color to an element in your design or logo
• After use, fold your tablecloth and store it in a dry area to avoid wrinkling

Choosing 3- or 4-sided
• 3-sided tablecloths are better for situations where the backside won’t be visible. They give you great access to stored materials and provide more chair room.
• 4-sided tablecloths give you a more professional look when all sides of the table are visible.

What do our sizes mean?
• Our 4’ option is based on a standard 30" x 48" x 24" table
• Our 6’ option is based on a standard 30" x 72" x 30" table
• Our 8’ option is based on a standard 30" x 96" x 30" table

3-sided measurements 
• 4' tablecloth: 103" (w) x 57.5" (h), front visual area is 42" (w) x 21.5" (h) 
• 6' tablecloth: 126.5" (w) x 61.25" (h), front visual area is 66.25" (w) x 21.5" (h)
• 8' tablecloth: 150.5" (w) x 61.25" (h), front visual area is 90" (w) x 21.5" (h)

4-sided measurements
• 4' tablecloth: 103" (w) x 79" (h), front visual area is 42"(w) x 21.5" (h) 
• 6' tablecloth: 126.5" (w) x 84" (h), front visual area is 66.25" (w) x 21.5" (h)
• 8' tablecloth: 150.5" (w) x 84" (h), front visual area is 90" (w) x 21.5" (h)

Note: For a more streamlined look, check out our affordable table runners. These go down the center of your table (width-wise), and pair well with a solid-color tablecloth. 

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