Super-sized advertising that stands up to the elements.
• Custom flags in feather, teardrop or straight shapes
• 3 sizes from 10' to 15.5' tall (sizes shown include stand)
• Single-sided, vibrant and fade-resistant printing
• Semi-transparent polyester that minimizes wind effects
Light carrying case, pole and metal ground stake included 

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Auger flag bases
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Tough and weather-resistant and big enough to really get noticed.

Take your marketing to new heights with custom flags that really stand out – and up. Ranging from 10' to over 15' tall when assembled, you can make your logo, name and message larger than life. They’ll help you get more street traffic, brand your space and give your business a stylish, but professional look. They’re so light and portable (even with the bases) that you can easily take them to trade shows, expos and other events. Plus, they're tough enough to withstand winds up to 37 mph.

Choosing a shape
• Feather flags have a unique, eye-catching appearance.
• Teardrop flags are taut, and more stationary in wind.
• Straight flags have the largest printable area.

• The ground stake (automatically included) is great for grassy areas.
• The pavement base works well on asphalt, or any other hard, flat surface.
• Drive-over bases are perfect for parking lots or high-traffic areas (e.g. gas stations).
• Auger bases let you safely anchor your flag in sand.

Quick tips
• Flags are meant to be seen from a distance, so don’t use a lot of text.
• Be sure to use hi-res images, since these are very large products.
• Flags are designed to swivel, but stay put in wind – don’t worry if they move in place.
• You can leave your flags outdoors, but take them in during stormy weather.
• Flags are printed on one side, but their semi-transparent material makes design visible from both sides.

Product measurements
• 10' flag features a roughly 7' designable graphic (plus stand height).
• 13' flag features a roughly 9.5' designable graphic (plus stand height).
• 15.5' flag features a roughly 12.25' designable graphic (plus stand height).
• 10' feather and straight flags are 26.8" at the widest point, 10' teardrop flag is 33.9" at the widest point.
• 13' feather and straight flags are 30.7" at the widest point, 13' teardrop flag is 41.1" at the widest point.
• 15.5' feather and straight flags are 36" at the widest point, 15.5' teardrop flag is 41.8" at the widest point.
• For storage, deconstructed 10' flag measures 130" x 5.25" x 22".
• Deconstructed 13' flag measures 167.25" x 5.25" x 22".
• Deconstructed 15.5' flag measures 204.25" x 5.25" x 22".
• All of our flags, when assembled, weigh approximately 3-4 lbs.

More specs
• Multi-section flag pole is held together by bungee, with a separate top piece.
• 10' flag has 2 bungee sections, 13' flag has 3 sections and 15.5' has 4.

• Steel ground spike included with every flag, free of charge.
• Pavement base weighs 2-3 lbs., auger base weighs 3-4 lbs. and drive-over base weighs 5-6 lbs.
• Minimum upload resolution is 50 dpi.
• Material is 100% polyester, 4 ounces thick, 110 gsm.
• NFPA certified 701 fire-tested coating.

Frequently asked questions
Q: Are the flags double-sided?
A: No, but because of the semi-transparent material, you can see the design from both sides.

Q: How big is the travel bag?
A: The bag measures 55" x 4" x 2" (length x width x depth).

Q: What is the flag pole made of?
A: The pole is aluminum, except for the last section, which is fiberglass. The hook that attaches to the graphic is plastic.

Q: What is the drive-over base made of?
A: It's made of aluminum.

Q: What is the drive-over base good for?
A: We recommend these bases for parking lots and high-traffic areas, like gas stations.

Q: How long will my flag last?
A: Our flags' average lifespan is 1 year.

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