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Business Cards (3.5" x 2")

Business Cards (3.5" x 2")

Default version — Navy Blue

Vistaprint and PayPal partnership price

We can design it for you. No charge.

Bring out your brand by adding your company logo and selecting a color. We’ll have our professional designers create your design fast (less than 24 hours)! If you don’t have a logo or want to keep it simple, you can just use the PayPal logo instead. Your choice!

  1. Let your brand shine by adding your company logo and color

  2. Include your contact information or tagline

  3. You only pay when you love it


Front — Default version (Navy Blue)

Back — Default version (Navy Blue)

Put your card out. Get paid fast.

These professional cards help you build your brand and show you accept touch-free payments. Set them out for all your customers to remind them to come back.

  1. 3.5" x 2"

  2. High-quality, durable card stock

  3. Glossy finish

  4. Rounded corners

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