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Tabletop Retractable Banner (8.5" × 12")

Tabletop Retractable Banner (8.5" × 12")


Design it yourself in seconds.

It’s easy to create a custom product that features your unique QR code and helps build your brand. Just choose a color, add your logo and info and make changes to size and placement. That’s it!

  1. Let your brand shine by adding your company logo and color

  2. Include your contact information or tagline

  3. Choose from multiple templates

  4. Get design help if you need it

Tabletop retractable banner size 8.5x12 with PayPal branded QR code

Put your sign out. Get paid fast.

These tabletop banners help you to build your brand and show you accept touch-free payments. They are perfect for your coffee shop, restaurant or food cart.

  1. 8.5" × 12" or 11.5" × 18"

  2. 12oz vinyl banner with matte finish

  3. Durable, lightweight and easy to transport

  4. Built-in brushed aluminum folding stand

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