Vistaprint x Wix Partnership: Customer FAQs

Vistaprint has selected Wix to power the creation and management of the websites and related products for its customers as part of the company’s vision to become the world’s leading design and marketing partner for small businesses. The combination of Wix and Vistaprint will increase small business success by synchronizing their marketing, online and offline.

If you’re a current Vistaprint Digital customer, you may have a few questions about your website and we’re here to help. Below are some FAQs that should address baseline questions. If you have additional questions about your website, please contact our Customer Care team.

I am a Vistaprint digital customer, what happens to the website I already built?

Existing Vistaprint website customers will be moved to the Wix platform by Vistaprint customer CARE agents. No work will be required by customers.

Is there a cost associated with this site migration?

No. Existing customers will be moved to the Vistaprint x Wix platform at no cost.

Is there an increased cost to use the Wix platform through Vistaprint?

Yes. Customers who are upgraded to Vista x Wix will be assigned a premium plan that is a close match to their original Vista plan. Premium plans come with numerous powerful features to build a best-in-class website, as well as tools to grow and spread the word about your business. There will be a subscription cost increase associated with the upgrade, but all customers will enjoy a minimum of 30 days on the Vista x Wix platform at the original Vista price before the subscription price changes. Customers can also upgrade or downgrade their premium plans at any time.

How and when will I be notified about my site upgrade to Vista x Wix?

The migration of existing Vistaprint digital solutions websites is set to begin in late 2022 or early 2023. Customers will be contacted via email as the timeline for upgrading sites to the Vista x Wix platform is established. Both Vistaprint and Wix are known for strong customer care, direct assistance and training materials which will help to ensure a smooth transition.

When will these services be available to new website customers?

We anticipate launching this program for new website customers in the UK in early 2022 and quickly expanding to the US and other global markets throughout 2022.