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7 significant brand design statistics that every company should know

Brands are continually looking for a way to stay top of mind with their target audiences. The more unique and engaging a brand can be with their design, the more likely they are to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Knowing what aspects of design matter to your audience can help you get noticed by potential customers.

To illustrate why design plays such an integral role in today’s marketing and branding efforts and how audiences view brand design, here are some compelling design statistics from design and marketing organizations that every company should know. Take a look at these stats and you’ll see how understanding brand design can pay off.

Chemist web page design

Web page design by 2ché via 99designs by Vista.

1. Users seek out visually appealing content

2019 research from Quick Sprout concluded that users will stop interacting with a website if they have had a bad experience with how it looks and instead seek out visually appealing content.

Imagine losing one-third of your potential customer base simply because your brand’s website design is ugly. That’s a huge loss considering limited marketing budgets and increasing pressure from the competition. Instead of underestimating good website design, invest in creating an online experience your audience enjoys navigating, so they’ll want to return over and over again.

Be My Travel Muse web page design

Web design by DSKY via 99designs by Vista.

2. Visuals are an integral part of campaigns

A 2018 MicroCreatives infographic noted that nearly 61 percent of marketers believe visuals are an integral part of a successful marketing campaign.

Design statistics have found that elements like color and graphics tend to allow a person to remember information for a longer period of time. By doubling down on your design approach using some form of graphs, images, layout and a host of other visuals, your campaigns will achieve that top of mind objective. Always include high-quality visuals in your branding approach across all channels.

Figgy Plum web design

Brand identity by DSKY via 99designs by Vista.

3. Consistent design can increase revenue and recognition

A 2017 LucidPress report noted that consistent design across all the places your brand appears in can increase your revenue and recognition.

Just like consistency in marketing messaging is critical, the consistent use of a similar set of colors, design look and feel, and overall presentation is equally important for a brand to maintain. This visual consistency, which is also known as brand identity, facilitates brand recognition amongst viewers.

Avoid confusing your audience by making sure your brand’s appearance is consistent everywhere you present your company. This goes even for informal items. Stay consistent in print materials, your website, social media channels and even when it comes to t-shirts and jackets. This will ensure your clients and customers will recognize you anywhere.

CBD brochure design

Brochure design by VKre8

4. Visuals are a priority for B2B brands

A 2017 Content Marketing Institute study found 51 percent of B2B marketers make creating visual assets a priority.

While it would seem like visuals and graphics might be more important to B2C brands, it turns out if your customers are other businesses, graphic design as a marketing element is essential. You’ll need to spend extra time and money to create aesthetically pleasing graphics when representing your brand to other businesses.

Speedway app design

App design by Alaa Elalfi via 99designs by Vista.

5. Content is consumed on multiple devices at the same time

2016 Google research indicated that 85 percent of adults consume content on multiple devices at the same time.

This split attention means that your brand design needs to be fully optimized for mobile devices and iPads as well as desktop computers. Your content has to be able to compete with other content and grab your clients attention.

Test and see how your brand design looks on each device before launching and make sure it provides the best first impression. Consider using intuitive, or responsive design so that your website design gives the best user experience across all screens.

Whiplash infographic

Infographic by FritzR via 99designs by Vista.

6. B2B marketers love infographics

A 2017 Content Marketing Institute study found that 65 percent of B2B marketers use infographics.

Well-designed infographics are an important visual content tactic. Both B2C and B2B companies need to incorporate high-quality visuals in their branding strategy and infographics are a great way to do that. Presenting data in this format helps to explain the desired information in a succinct and memorable way—leaving your users with the best experience.

7. Original graphics perform best

A 2019 Venngage survey of online marketers revealed that original graphics were the visual content that performs best and drives the most traffic.

There is no doubt that beautiful design work is eye-catching, but there is something magical about original artwork. No matter how your company plans to illustrate their points, the type of graphic design elements used can impact your results. Think “original” and give your designer the freedom to create something unique for you, rather than relying on things like stock photography.

Lessons for marketers and graphic designers

When done right the potential of graphic design is endless and can be your brand’s secret to success. Implement the design lessons from these design statistics and your brand will see some incredible results in no time.

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Author: John Rampton