Free Business Card Sample Kit

Finding the right look (and feel) for your card just got easier. Check out a variety of materials, finishes and even shapes to zero in on exactly what you want. See details

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Compare different cards to find what you like best.

  • 11 different paper types
  • Stocks like pearl, soft touch & natural textured
  • Foil accent & embossed gloss samples
  • Rounded corner & square shapes

Want the easiest way to start designing your next card? Do your research with the VistaPrint free business cards sample kit.

See how papers with different thickness feel in your hand. Or how light reflects of the different finishes. Plus, we’ve chosen the same design for all the cards so you can compare the way they’re printed on different paper stocks.

No matter what you’re looking for, you can use your business card samples (and our business card examples) to find something eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Because after all, you can’t make an impression if you don’t get noticed.

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