Free Addressing

Save time with our free addressing service. Upload your addresses and we’ll take it from there.

How it works

After selecting and customizing your cards, follow these 4 steps:

1. Pick your envelopes.

You’ll be asked to choose from a variety of envelope styles. Select our matching envelopes with coordinating designs for your cards, or explore our other printed envelope options.

2. Choose your addressing.

A pop-up will appear. Check “printed return addresses”, “printed recipient addresses” or both. For return addresses, enter your info right into the pop-up.

3. Add your address list.

Download our template, start your own list by entering your recipients one by one or use a list you previously uploaded. You'll be able to add new recipients and revisit your addresses from cart if you need to make changes. Once you're done, just upload your list and we’ll scan it for deliverability.

4. Preview & place your order.

Edit, delete or add any new addresses. You can preview each envelope and even add extra envelopes in case your list has grown. Then, click on the “Add to cart” button and proceed to checkout. Your addressed envelopes will be shipped to you, ready to stuff and send out!

Invite everyone – and then some.

Let us take addressing off your hands (literally) so you can breeze through your card list.

Planning an event? Let us help.

You have a guest list in the works – we have the invites you need to spread the word.

Use free addressing to sail through your card list.

We get it – we don’t feel like writing out a bunch of envelope addresses either. That’s why we print them. For free.

Whether you’re dusting off your Christmas card list or sending party invites, VistaPrint’s complimentary envelope printing is here to save you time. With our step-by-step process, we'll help you upload your addresses and even scan them for any errors. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll get straight to printing. As for you, you can sit back, relax and wait for a fresh stack of envelopes to arrive, each neatly typed with an address. No order is too big – with a maximum of 20,000 envelopes, we’re preeetty sure we’ll fit everyone on your list.

Plus, next time you need cards, all your addresses will be waiting for you, ready to go. And if you have any questions along the way – really, any – we're here to help. It’s our guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

You can print up to 20,000 envelopes.
No. As long as you stay within our limit of 20,000 envelopes, addressing is free when you purchase our custom envelopes or white addressed envelopes.
Yes. Once you’ve uploaded your addresses, we’ll check each one to make sure all your envelopes can be delivered as addressed. If we detect any errors, you can opt to fix them yourself or have us make adjustments for you.
We automatically save your address list and securely store it in your VistaPrint account. You can even upload and save multiple address lists. Once uploaded, you can access your list(s) at any time – just click on “My Account” and select “Mailing Lists.”
At this time, we can print your addresses on custom envelopes and printed white envelopes. Addressing is not available on colored blank envelopes or white blank envelopes.
Yes. We can print your return address as well as recipient addresses. If you’re only interested in featuring your return address, that’s an option too.
No. Recipient addressing will not affect the timing of your order.
You must order cards or invitations to take advantage of recipient addressing. However, if you’re only interested in return addressing, you can purchase a batch of custom envelopes.