Car Signs

Turn every trip into a chance to promote your business.

On-the-go marketing

Take your business on the road with durable, long-lasting car signs, decals and more.

Show off your brand at every turn with car advertising signs.

Think of how much time you spend in your car, truck, van or even your trailer. From driving the kids around to commuting to your office, it can feel like (or actually add up to) hours a day. Why not use that time to your advantage and turn your car into a unique and eye-catching advertising tool? Add your logo, business name and a short message onto one of our custom car sign designs and get noticed while driving around town.

Choose from car magnets, car window decals, license plates, car door decals or bumper stickers. Each option is made of long-lasting, durable materials and printed in vibrant, full-color. Once you find the vehicle signage you need, Vistaprint makes it easy to bring your vision to life in our design studio. Pick from our variety of cool designs and personalize your car signs until it looks just like your business. And if you need help or have questions along the way, we’re here for you.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. We first recommend checking with your state’s registry of motor vehicles for specific regulations. In addition, please review the following guidelines:

We don’t recommend placing car window decals in any area that might impede your view.
Don’t place car door magnets on the hood of your car as they are not designed to be used in this location. Place them on doors, the back of your car or your tailgate only.

Our car magnets won't stick to non-metal surfaces or doors that are made with a high percentage of aluminum or plastic. Using magnets on improper materials can be a safety hazard.

Depends on your needs. Car magnets or license plates are a great option to use if you need to take the sign off frequently or change vehicles. Our magnets are wind tunnel tested for highway driving and our plates are coated for durability. If you’re looking for something to leave on the car long term, we recommend car decals or bumper stickers.

Our car decals have an average life span of about 3 years.

Yes. For tinted windows we recommend you select the outside-glass option, with the adhesive on the back.

No, but we recommend placing your custom bumper stickers and decals on a vehicle that has the original factory paintwork.

Yes we do. Check out our gallery of political bumper stickers, choose a design and customize to your liking.

Follow these tips to make the most of your car signs:

  • Place your design or text in the center so none of it is clipped out when installing your decal.
  • Use a large font size to ensure your message is visible to others.
  • Add contrast by using light colored text on a dark background and dark colored text on a light background.
  • If you’re using images, make sure they’re clear, vibrant and have a high resolution (300 dpi).
  • If you need a lot of text, choose a larger sized car sign to fit it all, and use the biggest font possible.