Unique ways to integrate your logo into social media branding

Contemporary companies know from the get-go that social media is going to be an essential part of their marketing plan – it’s inescapable! So they have to think, from the very conception of their branding, how they’re going to use their logo across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

While the majority of brands are creating logos that fit all the right rules and can be used as-is in social media, there are a lot of creative people finding different ways to brand their social media.

Let’s take a look into a series of companies using roundabout ways to integrate their logo and social media branding — how they’ve adapted their existing branding, and what we can learn from their efforts.

Juniper Ridge


Juniper Ridge Web


Juniper Ridge social media branding

Style: Abstract

Juniper Ridge opted for symbols, rather than text, in their social branding. They take it to a new level by choosing an icon that’s not elsewhere associated with their brand, tying their social media channels back to the website by echoing the illustrative style that’s embedded throughout their website.

While this may not be the most efficient branding exercise around in terms of immediate recognition, it’s certainly aesthetically successful.

Best Made Co


Best Made Co Web


Best Made Co social media branding

Style: Classic

Best Made Co. uses a traditional strategy with a subtle twist. They’ve taken a part of their existing logo and used it as an icon for social media use.

We picked this example because of their simple and iconic red “X”. They’ve added the creative detail of making it a patch, rather than a flat graphic, as a nod to the backpacker patch – perfect for an outdoor equipment and camping company.

Endurance Conspiracy


Endurance Conspiracy Web


Endurance Conspiracy social media branding

Style: Iconic

We’re intrigued by the strategy of this British menswear brand. They’ve taken a very simple badge-style logo focused on just the initials of the company as their primary branding tool, splashed across all of their marketing outlets.

To create additional interest in the brand, they’ve written out the full name of the company in completely different fonts for each outlet. It’s a good choice, since the name of the company is just long enough to be difficult to fit into the square space of those social media icons.

Beard Buddy


Beard Buddy Web


Beard Buddy social media branding

Style: Mascot-as-branding

Beard Buddy‘s branding style is definitely over-the-top, an intentional choice for a bold, hipster brand. Here, they use their mascot desaturated and sans text as their social branding. While there’s a lot going on with the image, it still reads well in small format and fits perfectly in that square box. The perfect level of unique and interesting make it memorable.

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Author: Kaitlyn Ellison