Why a strong retail logo is crucial for your new store brand

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Building a successful retail business is truly exciting. But it also involves a lot of work when you’re first starting out, particularly when it comes to designing a retail logo and creating branding that connects with the right people — and tells your unique story.

There’s no need to feel alone when embarking on the creative process. We’ll discuss why your logo should be a primary focus for your new retail business and explain how to create a retail logo that fits your brand identity, budget and values. From there, you’ll be able to incorporate your unique logo into other parts of your marketing efforts and truly bring your brand to life.

4 ways a strong retail logo can make an impact

Designing a memorable retail logo requires a combination of creativity, strategy and technical skills — plus a good amount of time and research. One place to start is to discern what’s popular now in logo design trends and whether any of those could apply in some form to your brands’. Your logo is often the first thing that potential customers see when they encounter your business, and it sets the tone for the rest of their experiences with you. So, outsourcing this design work to an expert or leveraging templates can be a worthwhile investment.

Here are a few ways a well-designed logo and brand identity can help your retail business stand out and succeed.

1. Drive foot traffic and online traffic.

A visually appealing and eye-catching logo on storefront signage or window decals can help attract passersby to your establishment. A well-designed logo that’s deployed on social media profiles or your e-commerce website can also stick in customers minds’ and create powerful brand consistency whenever they see your business online and in person.

2. Tell people about your business.

Consider whether including a literal depiction of the products you sell makes sense in your logo or if there’s a symbol, image or icon that accurately conveys your overall offerings in a stylish way. For example, lotus flowers are popular symbols for tranquil yoga studio logos, barbells are commonly used in fitness studio logos and dining utensils are often found in restaurant logos.

3. Communicate your company values and brand story.

Your logo’s colors, fonts and overall design can communicate your brand values and what your business represents. For example, soft, pastel colors and a flowing font could communicate a sense of calm and sophistication for a spa, yoga studio or salon while dark colors and sharp, angular lines may communicate finesse and modernity for a cocktail bar or upscale eatery. Symbols can also communicate specific values or themes, such as trees for sustainability or a shield to evoke a sense of tradition and dependability.

4. Leave a lasting impression.

A strong logo sets the tone for your brand image and personality and leaves a positive lasting impression — even helping people remember your company name. Take Jack Eller, a jewelry designer who used a 99designs by Vista logo design contest to help usher in a brand transformation. Eller wanted his logo to look like melting silver, and the winning designer created something that does just that while also highlighting his initials. His new logo also features an abstract butterfly shape for an unforgettable appearance.

How to create a small business retail logo

Whether you’re a DIY-er or you prefer to hire design help, you’ve got options when it comes to creating a logo. Consider the following suggestions for creating a professional retail logo and establishing your brand identity.

DIY your logo.

Not into starting from scratch but don’t want to hire a designer? You can still DIY your logo with a little inspiration by working of off our extensive range of logo templates. There are tons of inspiring ideas that can help streamline your logo design and brand identity. Logo design templates are a great way to get your creative juices flowing and cut down your brainstorming time so that you can get the end result you’re looking for faster when DIY-ing it.

VistaPrint Tip


If you want to flex your DIY muscles, consider Vista’s Logomaker tool. In just a few minutes, you can create a logo that works for your brand’s personality and purpose. With hundreds of available design options, this cost-effective method can help you quickly design a credible logo.


Hire a professional logo designer.

While hiring a professional logo designer requires an initial investment, doing so can save you countless hours and a lot of frustration while producing better results that capture your business’ true essence. Designers have specialized training and the best have an eye for creativity that’s hard to replicate.

You can sit down (virtually) with a designer and have a consultation to explain what makes your retail business unique, and they can translate that into a custom logo. For example, you might carry artisan jewelry made with recycled materials, so including a circular design element such as your company’s name in the shape of a ring could help highlight key aspects of your brand. Thousands of other small business owners like you have made the investment in a custom logo design and can tell you firsthand how worthwhile this option is.

Your logo will go everywhere your brand goes

Whether you DIY or get help with your logo design, your small business branding needs consistency to elevate your company’s credibility. Your logo and branding will be used in all of your physical and digital marketing efforts — from social profiles to signage — to present a strong, cohesive brand identity.

When considering how to build a brand, invest your time and effort into creating a logo design that truly reflects your business’ values and objectives and resonates with your customers for lasting success.

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